Tirade Tuesday: When Fandom Throws a Hissy Fit

I have had it. I’m not very vocal in The 100 fandom. I mainly stay in my corner and post poetry, but I need to speak out. On twitter, William Shatner, Captain Kirk of Star Trek, a show that had the first interracial kiss on TV, is defending the 100 and getting attacked by a continent of Clexa fans. (x)

In the last month since Lexa’s Death, you [Clexa fans] have run the cast and the writers and Jason [Rothenberg, creator of The 100] off twitter. You have turned on the cast for them asking you to stick with their friends. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if when Eliza [Taylor, who plays The 100’s main protagonist, Clarke Griffin] comes back and livetweets she gets horrible vitriol from you guys.

The amount of times I have seen stuff from your side of the fandom that has made me ill, that has made me want to cry, that has made me rant for hours is way too many. I have seen you saying that Bellarke shippers should die, that Clarke should die and Eliza should lose her job because she “hates” working on a show with some of her best friends where she is the lead and playing a complicated role. I have seen people I respect and adore get so much hate from some toxic members of the Clexa fandom that they’ve had panic attacks, they’ve stopped volunteering to write for sites they love, they have cried because you have told them that they are worthless.  I have seen rampant biphobia, antisemitism – the Hilter video really??? and racism.

Now many of you are justifiably angry about the timing of Lexa’s death and her sex scene with Clarke, about how the writers supported you on Twitter – they were excited about having Lexa, they loved her too which is something that many of you seem to have forgotten – about how Lexa’s death bears a lot of similarities to the way lesbians have been killed before. And many of you have dropped the show. Many of you went into it for Lexa and you left with Lexa, and that is fine. I’ve dropped shows before, sometimes just because they stopped interesting me, and that’s fine, too. You shouldn’t have to spill your past to explain why you’re dropping a show. Some of you are amazing people and you ship and let ship, but unfortunately, the assholes in your fandom are loud.

Similarly, I and others like me shouldn’t have to feel guilty for sticking with a show that we love, that has characters that represent us and matter to us. Television exists to make us feel, and The 100 exists to make us think and make us look at the world in different ways and realize there are no good guys in this world or in the world of The 100. We are all just trying to live our lives.

By trying to cancel the show you are saying that the representation it provides for other people does not matter. Many of you loved Lexa because she was a leader, because she was not defined by her sexuality, because she was powerful and most importantly because she gave you hope for a better world. Now, I am bisexual and Clarke is representation unlike any other on television. Clarke’s bisexuality is introduced mid season two, which means that we will get to watch her fall in love/lust with both women and men, something that is so rare on television. Her bisexuality is just another reason why people love Clarke Griffin and her bisexuality being treated as normal gives me hope that one day I won’t have to choose which community to belong to.

Raven Reyes is an incredible character. I almost always bring her up when I talk about The 100 and what the show does well. Why is that? Because I am disabled and Raven fails and struggles and she gets back up in a way I have never seen on television; in a way that represents the pain that people with Chronic Pain and with disabilities deal with every day. Raven Reyes is intelligent, powerful, loving, longing, brave and badass and she’s also disabled. When I feel like I want to give up, when not being able to be normal gets to be too much, I look to Raven. I look to her power, to her strength, to the way she never gives up, and I am inspired to try again. Raven Reyes empowers me unlike any other character on television.

Do I deserve to lose that? Do others who relate to Bellamy’s role as leader and PoC (people of color) deserve to lose him? Do those that relate to Kane’s learning deserve to lose an example of how sometimes mistakes are needed? Do people who relate to Octavia’s struggle to belong deserve to lose watching her struggle to find her place? Do people who relate to Abby’s role as a mother deserve to lose seeing her find balance between letting your child go and loving them?

You saying that we deserve to lose this show, these characters, these relationships because a guest star who happened to play a badass lesbian commander died. That is utterly unfair and wrong.

When did lesbians become the gatekeepers of representation?  When did lesbians become the gatekeepers of LGBTQ+ representation? When did lesbians become the gatekeepers of disabled representation?

Lexa died because she wanted to change the system. She died because she believed in the idea that “Blood Must Not Have Blood”. Ask yourselves if canceling the show is something your idol would support. I don’t think she would. People are human. They do not have the knowledge and experiences of every other person who walked the earth, and they make mistakes.


9 thoughts on “Tirade Tuesday: When Fandom Throws a Hissy Fit

  1. Bravo. Try and discuss the issue with a Lexa fan and you get nowhere. Bring up the fact that there are many toxic fans and they tell you that you are trying to turn the blame on them These bullies go against everything The Trevor Project represents and they don’t even see the irony.

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    • Thank You!!

      While the Lexa fans have done a commendable job raising the amount of money they raised for the Trevor Project, many of them have engaged in hate speech and that puts a stain on their movement.

      Lexa of course meant a lot to the fans but many of them were watching a different show then those of us who’d been watching could see the foreshadowing for Lexa’s death. Lexa was a leader who attempted the change the status quo to fast and without regard to the traditions of her people and that made her many enemies. Her death was one that many visionaries throughout history have received as they see a problem and try to address before the public is ready.


  2. I have read a lot of things in this fandom, seen a lot of posts, talked to a lot of fans. I have heard the opinions of those who ship clexa, bellarke…whatever. I have read long ass articles that detail how someone feels about Lexa’s death, about Jason Rothenberg (?), about all manner of the cast, of the rest of the fandom. The 100 is my favorite TV show right now. I identify strongly with Clarke, I appreciate the diversity of the cast, the things that its characters represent. And I understand that there have been bad choices made on this show, that there have been characters killed off that maybe shouldn’t have been, that the writing for some people should have been better, but I do not condone the reaction from other fans. They are giving the rest of us – who are quiet and just want to watch and love our show – a very bad name. They are making me and others feel alone, sad, guilty, and they are not stopping. This article is well-written and I agree with everything you have said. I almost forgot that there were such wonderful fans left here.

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    • Wow! thank you so much for your comment! I’m glad the article resonated with you. The show has made bad choices and I admire the community for stepping up and saying this unacceptable but I feel that the consequences are on the lack of diversity in the writers room who didn’t understand the trope. Lexa’s death completely transformed the show, no other death is going to have the impact her is having. I admire your ability to read through so many articles on so many different perspectives.


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  4. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. You have written down everything I feel but lack the words to say and I’m actually a little emotional right now. This show means the world to me, I have never related to characters on such a deep level like I do to Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia and Raven, and to think that they can be taken away because of the immaturity of the Clexa fans hurts. This show represents a lot of minorities through these amazing characters, and yeah not everything is perfectly done in this show, but to want to end all this because of the death of a single character (that wasn’t even there since the beginning and honestly her death was no surprise) is so wrong. And then of course there’s the fact that they’d be sending tons of people who have worked hard on this show since the start into unemployement. Honestly, I’ve been in this fandom since the end of 2014 and it was never this toxic. Since season 3, and especially since Lexa’s death, this fandom as become so toxic it’s unbearable. I always try to just talk about the things I love in the show but whenever I post something explaining why I love Bellamy (who is very hated right now, as are his fans, like me) and Bellamy & Clarke’s relationship I usually get hate from Clexa fans and no matter how hard I try to keep the discussion civil all they do is attack. I have bad anxiety and honestly the things they say to me get stuck in my head and I hate this feeling because fandoms are supposed to be a place where you can talk about something you love, not get attacked and told to die for who you ship or called homophobic for not shipping Clexa or even having people say you’re not really bisexual if you ship Bellarke over Clexa. That is so ridiculous. I am in so many fandoms and I have never once been attacked, but I’ve lost count how many times that has happened in The 100 fandom. And it’s not just the fact that they attack fans, they attack EVERYONE, writers, producers, actors and even William Shatner. It’s sad that Bob and Chris and Adina (and probably others, I think Lindsey too) have had to speak up about what this fandom is doing to them. The support Bob gives to people with anxiety means the world to me because it’s something people generally make light of, and to see him constantly being disrespected hurts me. And why? Because he called Lexa a tyrant? That is what she was, that is the grounders way. When will people realize that no character on this show is innocent? Lexa is a fictional character. The actors are HUMAN BEINGS. What they’ve done for the Trevor Project is amazing but it’s sad that they claim to defend the lgbtq representations and then want Clarke, a BISEXUAL character (and the greatest bisexual lead representation), to die and constantly erase her sexuality. Clarke being with a guy is still representation because she is still bisexual and to think otherwise is extremely biphobic, which a lot of the Clexa fans are. They claim that all minorities matter and then white-wash Bob/Bellamy and disrespect Bob’s cultural heritage to the point where he feels the need to speak out. And what do they do after that? They call him whiny and Bob Moaney. I’m tired of their constant disrespect. They don’t actually care about minorities or even the lgbtq community as a whole, they just care about their representation. And that is giving the lgbtq comunity a bad name, sadly.


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