TV Talk: Lucifer – Season One Review

Lucifer is a show that surprises me. When I say surprise now, I mean I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did by the time the season was up. Not to say I thought it would be terrible but given the amount of shows on television these days I prefer to watch TV that completely captures my attention and Lucifer may have taken a few episodes but now I am fully on the ride (pun not intended I promise haha).

The premise is fairly simple, the Devil decided to take a vacation to LA (city of angels don’t you know) and he meets a homicide detective Chloe Decker who quickly intrigues him being immune to his unique gift of drawing the desires out of humans while she investigates a shooting in front of the nightclub he owns. Tom Ellis plays the hell out of this role (no I’m not doing this on purpose) and he has wonderful chemistry with Lauren German who clearly is enjoying her character and bringing out all the wonderful facets of a truly good human in the face of a man who only looks for the sinful side of life.

Over the course of the season we get into the world building introducing off the bat Mazikeen, or Maze – a demon who’s very loyal to Lucifer, Amenadiel – Lucifer’s angelic brother, Dan and Trixie – Chloe’s estranged husband and daughter, and Dr. Linda Martin – a therapist whom Lucifer starts seeing.

What I like, and certainly what improved on the show, is that it hones in on building the characters’ relationships with each other in between the murder investigations and procedural element rather than the focus being the other way around since frankly there’s a LOT of procedurals out there we don’t need just “another” one.

As the story gets in deeper I found myself even more interested in the characters as they mix and matched throughout the stories and murders. I found interactions I didn’t expect to like let alone love (case in point Maze and Trixie at the bar was adorable and classic). The biggest draw is of course the banter and slowly deepening friendship between Chloe and Lucifer and how he comes to terms with his identity from being exposed to someone who makes him vulnerable or rather “human.” For all her skepticism at his open admission of being the literal “Devil” its adorable to see these two vastly different people find common ground and comradeship through murder investigations while navigating their very different lives.

Leading up to the final episodes, I love seeing how Lucifer struggle with his identity crisis culminating in a wonderful season finale (the showdown with Malcom, a deal with his Dad to save Chloe – cue the I’m dying of feels moment) and finally that blew the doors wide open on the mythology of the world. I mean seriously….MOM?! I did not see that coming. I was honestly expecting some famous demonic or angelic figure but that was a cliffhanger. I cannot wait to see how next season handles this wonderful ensemble since the Devil now has a true friend (that I am dying to see develop further; what can I say? I’m a shipper), a brother he loves to fight with, a demon who snarks as well as he does, and a wayward parent he’s terrified of but must take back to Hell where she belongs….is it Fall yet?

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