Unpopular Opinion: The Nice Guy TM



Stosh ‘Piz’ Piznarski of Veronica Mars might not be guilty of the crime fandom has accused him of. Despite the cast and crew of Veronica Mars dubbing him a nice guy and drawing comparisons  to Logan Echolls, the so-called bad boy, Piz in the narrative never does this. Aside from an innocuous comment about being “a lover, not a fighter”, he never wonders why Veronica is with Logan or expects her to be with him because he’s “nice”. He’s just a boy with a crush on a girl who’s already taken. A boy whose worst offense is accidentally/purposefully asking said girl out. Oh and that Zac Efron wannabe haircut.
On the flip side, you have Ted Mosby who is steeped in the Nice Guy ™ mud. He even comes out and says he thinks Robin should be with him and not Barney. That being said, I still liked Ted. I have a general soft spot for protagonists as it is, and somewhere along the way, Ted’s annoying quest to find his soulmate became endearing. Right up until the finale, anyway (forever bitter). Although I share the popular disdain for the HIMYM finale, I did not ship Robin and Barney. I’ve seen gifsets that compare Barney to Ted, as if somehow being a Nice Guy ™ is worse than spewing misogynistic garbage 24/7. Barney may not be a nice guy, but he does subscribe to the Nice Guy ™ school of thought. For he was once a nice guy, who got dumped by a girl, and then decided it didn’t pay to be nice. But guess what? I liked Barney Stinson too.

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