In the Spotlight: Sean Marquette

Last fall I spoke with Sean Marquette, former child actor known for his role as Young Matty in the film 13 Going On 30 alongside Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner.  We talked extensively about the film he had just wrapped in Mexico, a comedy titled Sundown.

(Previous interview can be found here)

Today I got to catch up with Sean again, this time as he prepares to walk the red carpet for Sundown at the ArcLight in Hollywood tonight.


Erica: Hey, Sean! How are you? 

Sean: Hey! I’m really, really good. How are you doing? 

Erica: I’m good. I was just catching up on your latest episode of The Goldbergs.  

Sean: Oh! How’d you like it? 

Erica: You are hilarious. That ponytail and the huge glasses…(laughs) 

Sean: Oh my gosh. It’s so much fun for me. I look like such a creep and they always put me in a Rush shirt and I get to play a full-on creep. It’s so funny! 

Erica: It is! 

Sean:  Actually, I haven’t seen it because I was in Mexico traveling and doing promotion when it aired so I’m gonna have to catch a rerun of it. 

Erica:  Ohhh. Well, abc-go-dot-com, there you go! 

Sean: Yeah, there we go. I just have to sit down and watch it. I look forward to seeing it. It was good? It was funny? 

Erica: It’s hilarious.

Sean: Awesome, awesome, awesome. Oh, I’m so happy you saw it! I love that character. That show has been the most incredible experience. So much fun. 

Erica: Yeah! So are you gonna be back for the next season? 

Sean: Uh, you know what? They don’t give us guest stars a guarantee, but yeah, looks like it. I mean, it got picked up for the fourth season and the last I spoke to Adam Goldberg he was like, ‘Yeah, man, see you in season four.’  I took that as a ‘Cool, I’ll be back! WOOHOO!!!’ 

Erica:  Awesome!

Sean: Yeah, so I’m looking forward to that. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. The coolest part about the show is that in the final episode, the main character,  Adam – Sean Giambrone plays him – he like graduates middle school so he is gonna be joining us, the rest of the cast, in high school. Which sounds like a lot of fun, to really get to work with him because he’s awesome. 

Erica: Yeah…yeah, he’ll be getting picked on would be my guess. 

Sean: I-I-I mean, I hope so. 

Erica: (laughs) I mean, it’s high school. Low man on the totum pole, hello! 

Sean: You know, the whole last episode is about us like – the juniors and sophomores and seniors – like beating him up and like welcoming him to high school through pranks and stuff. Then it kind of all goes wrong and he becomes like – you’ll have to see it. It’s an awesome episode about this little kid getting to high school. It’s awesome. 

Erica: That sounds amazing. 

Sean: Yeah. We end up jumping down like a 40-foot waterslide, which we actually did, and it was amazing.

Erica: (laughs) 

Sean: They made like this giant waterslide at a park and a big water fight breaks out at like the middle school graduation and then all the kids end up sliding down this waterslide like me, so yeah, it was awesome. 

Erica: Wow…Nobody got hurt? 

Sean: No, no! I mean, I think if anything we had too much fun. 

Erica: (laughs)

Sean: It was a day of watersliding. I don’t know who wouldn’t enjoy that.

Erica: Yeah…you seem to have a thing with the 80’s here. 

Sean: Yeah, yeah. I’ve become a big Rush fan since I started playing the Rush guy. I know a lot more about Rush now. And they’re pretty cool. 

Erica:  So you’ve got big stuff going on. There’s tonight and then this weekend…

Sean: Yes. And then later this year, too, I’ve got another film coming out. Yeah, I’m really excited.  We’re premiering Sundown tonight and then it’ll be out in theaters around the States on Friday and it’s gonna be really awesome for me to have a movie in theaters.

Erica: Yayyy!!!

Sean: And it’s really funny and it’s a big high school comedy and it’s awesome! 

Erica: I know! That’s the big one we were talking about last time we spoke. 

Sean: Yep. Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm. It’s incredible and I hope you get the chance to watch it. I mean, it’s a lot of fun. I don’t know, I get to act like a full on maniac. I spend half the movie naked and covered in makeup. Which is awesome!

Erica: (laughs) I remember you talking about that! 

Sean: Yeah. So we’ve got that movie coming out, The Goldbergs is still on and hopefully we’ll come back for next season, and then I have another movie coming out at the end of the year called Friend Request. And it’s like a horror/thriller and the cast is amazing and I actually just got to see a screener of the film and it’s awesome! 

Erica:  Oooo. I’ve heard about that movie. That’s the one I don’t think we were allowed to talk about last time. 

Sean: Yes, yes. Well, I don’t think they were finished with the distribution deal. But now they are. And also, I think they did some promotion and a release in Germany because it’s a German production so once that happened they gave us permission to talk about it. 

Erica: Oookay.  

Sean: And it’s gonna be a really, really great film and it’s nice that I have one coming out in summer and then one coming out at the end of the year as well. I feel really good about that. The movie’s really cool. I don’t know. It’s like this play on social media and it’s kind of about friends and this school and this person who makes friends with this not so popular girl at school and accidentally kind of spurns her in front of people and then this girl who is really creepy and really lonely kills herself and then possesses everyone’s Facebook and starts murdering everybody. So like I’m the funny best friend and I’m kinda rallying the troops and having a good time until my character’s the first one to go, like 30 minutes into the show. (laughs)

Erica: (laughs) 

Sean: I get possessed and I have this insane scene where like I get possessed and I bash my own head against an elevator wall until I die.

Erica: Oh wow. 

Sean:  It’s a really intense kind of violent experience but really kind of scary and I thought it went well. It was a cool performance. I’m really proud of it. 

Erica: Yeah. I was gonna say, you’re the funny guy in a thriller, you’ve gotta be the first to die. 

Sean: Yeah (laughs), yeah. I mean, there’s only so much you can do, you know? My joke with my buddies who are all in the cast from the film – my joke has been, ‘I’m all over the trailer! I’m not even gonna make it 15 minutes in this movie!’ But I did! I lasted until like 32 minutes and 20 seconds. And then the fun part, kind of because I’m the happy-go-lucky guy, is that my character gets referenced for the rest of the movie. Like, whenever it starts to feel a little bit too happy, they’ll just show a picture of me and how I’m dead and there’s a funeral for me and it’s just (dramatic voice) real sad. So I just thought that was hysterical. I was like the comedian, someone who doesn’t take horror movies seriously at all so it was like, ‘This is amazing! I’m all over this thing! Woohoo!’ (laughs) It was just really, really fun.

Erica: (laughs) 

Sean: And also, the whole cast are all really, really close friends of mine now. We all spent two and a half months working in Capetown, South Africa together working on this film and it was like the best bonding experience of all time. Shooting the movie was definitely the best part of that movie. 

Erica: Yeah. That’s more traveling you’ve done! Mexico, South Africa…

Sean: I mean, I’ve spent my whole life, I don’t know, I’m so lucky I’ve gotten to travel around the world. I went to Bangkok, Thailand when I was fourteen. I was in Vancouver and Toronto all through my teen years. I’ve been all over the States. I think I’ve been to like twenty states. I met the governor of Virginia. (chuckles) I don’t know. I’ve had like the weirdest experience traveling all over the States and the world. 

Erica: I’m so jealous! 

Sean: Yeah, I mean, I’m really excited about it. I was in an interview yesterday and they were asking me about school and they asked me if I’d gone to university and I was like, ‘No, I was homeschooled. I finished high school early and spent most of my time traveling.’ And then of course they asked me, ‘Do you feel bad that you – do you feel like you missed out on an experience by not going to school with the rest of the population?’ and I was like, ‘No! I spent my life traveling and doing these things that people try to do after they leave school! No, I didn’t miss school at all.’ 





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