Throwback Thursday: Eureka

Eureka is a science fiction show that aired on the SyFy channel from 2006 to 2012 for 5 seasons and 77 episodes. The show begins with US Marshal Jack Carter escorting a fugitive prisoner (his daughter Zoe) back home to LA to live with her mother. They decide to make a pit stop in the town of Eureka, and little does Jack know that the entire town is made up of geniuses who work for Global Dynamics, an advanced research facility that develops all of the countries new technology.

During the pit stop, the town’s sheriff is incapacitated by an experiment gone wrong, and the town chooses Jack to fill in temporarily. Jack is not a genius, but thanks to his down to earth logic and insights, he is able to view the towns problems from a different angle and offer insight into how to handle them. Jack and Zoe soon choose to stay in Eureka, despite all of the crazy schemes the natives cook up.

If you are wanting to get somebody into science-fiction television, this show is a great start. It is campy, fun, tech-savvy, but still accessible to those with no science background due to Jack always needing an explanation. The only downside is that it is the ultimate troll.

Every time something good happens between OTP’s, they pull the ultimate troll and change the course of history. There are so many times where history gets changed because something goes wrong with the space time continuum and the amazingness that just happened between our OTP has no longer happened. Marriages, children, kisses, everything that an OTP shipper wants and needs is given and taken away in mere minutes. And yet the show has witty writing that keeps you drawn in and wanting to see it through the end. The end has one of the best pilot call backs I have ever seen, so it is well worth the trolling.

Where to watch: Netflix (season 5 only) and Amazon (Watch the trailer)

Where to find the fandom: Fanfiction, A03, and Livejournal

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