Interview with Silver (@LlNZZMORGAN)

Silver, also known as @LlNZZMORGAN on Twitter, knows all about being in a large fandom and the effects of cast members interacting with their fans. I spoke to her about the importance of community for fans of a television show, attending a convention, and what it means to be ‘fandom famous’.

When did you start watching The 100?

Around December 2014.


What do you think drew you to the show initially?

Everybody was talking about the strong women and feminism on the show. Hearing there was a show with more than one heroic female character was intriguing and new, especially for The CW, so I had to check it out myself.


That’s why I started watching too!

So in regards to that and progressivism I guess, the show has both received a lot of praise and a lot of criticism recently in regards to character deaths and representation on the show. Where do you stand on this?

I agree with the criticism, but this is what the show has been built on, sadly. As a minority, I noticed how they mistreated other minorities by killing them off for shock value like Anya/Wells. I am definitely happy and relieved to see the fandom finally speaking up, I think with this sort of voice the writers will be changing the way they treat their minorities, or at least that’s what I am hoping. Of course, I do understand why people may boycott it, but I personally am here for the representation still left such as LGBT, disabilities, and ethnic ones.


Going off that, let’s talk fandom: you are quite involved in The 100 fandom on Twitter, with over 8,600 followers. How important do you think a community like this is for people who are fans of a show like The 100?

The 100 is airing in a time where I feel like young adults/ new adults are more into politics than before, and in a way this fictional world can stir a lot of conversations because of that. Twitter is a place where you can express that. I personally have learned so much from the fandom, especially about tropes and even about feminism and sensitive topics that people avoid to discuss so for a controversial show, I think it’s interesting and that’s why it was a pretty huge fan-base.


In relation to being quite involved in the fandom, you’re also pretty well known. Would you say you’re ‘fandom famous’, so to speak?

I think I might be, I do feel like everybody knows me, but that’s mostly because I think I am always the most vocal on subjects that spark arguments.


And how do you feel about having that label? Is it a good thing or would you rather be more incognito?

I mean, at times it can be rough, but at the end of the day I feel like sometimes with my voice I can do more good [and] spread more awareness. Recently with real-life political issues it was easier to grab attention and shine light on issues that matter because of the label I have.


That’s a great point!!

You recently flew to London for a convention for the show. Why did you decide to go? What were your thoughts beforehand?

I flew all the way from Saudi which was insane. I definitely went to meet the cast I supported for over a year, especially that I am a huge fan of Lindsey Morgan and Ricky Whittle. Honestly, I didn’t realize it was happening till I was actually there because I just didn’t think it would happen.


Tell me about some of the best moments at the convention


One of my favorite moments was during the Ricky & Lindsey Q&A, I asked Lindsey and Ricky to impersonate each other and Lindsey actually got me on stage to help her out. She didn’t need to do that but she knew how special and important it would be to me. One of my other favorite interactions is when I ran into them in the lobby, Sachin recognized me (another detail I love about them is that they do genuinely listen, they knew who we were and everything) and I approached them. I asked them to take selfies with me and they were kind enough to agree. It warmed my heart how happy it made them to know the distance I flew for them; I didn’t expect that sort of response at all. My last out of the top three favorite interactions was my autograph session, I got to speak to Ricky on a more personal level, he told me he knew me from Twitter and that he had seen my support, he gave me advice on bullying and it felt very real and raw. Lindsey remembered every detail I told her days before which was insane, she reached out and held my hand right before left and I felt like I had made friends at the con, not met my idols.


I actually did notice that some cast members, particularly Lindsey Morgan, recognised you from Twitter. What does this mean to you, as a fan of both the show and Lindsey?

It felt special, I have been in many fandoms before but never have I seen nor heard a cast be so interactive and friendly with their fans. It meant a lot to me.  I am dedicated to Lindsey the most, so her recognizing me from online made me completely speechless to be honest.


What is it about Lindsey that you admire so much? Would you say you look up to her?

Of course Lindsey Morgan is beautiful, but what I admire about her is the way she addresses issues. In a lot of her interviews she speaks about what it’s like to be a woman of color in the industry, she shines light on issues women struggle with especially the minorities, she’s researched about disabilities and read dozens of stories about other people’s lives with them to portray her character. She’s very socially aware and smart but most importantly she spreads so much self-love and positivity. I do admire her for sure, she’s an amazing person inside out.


How important do you think it is for cast members to interact with fans on social media platforms?

I respect cast members who don’t, its optional of course, but those who do definitely impact their fans in positive ways. A lot of people look up to these characters and actors, being able to talk to them on social media platforms could make the fan feel important and just as loved and appreciated back.


One last question: do you have any predictions about the rest of this season?

I don’t think there is much to predict, sadly a lot of spoilers have been leaked but I do think it will be the end of ALIE, and hopefully the end of Ontari’s command.

What Buffy Taught Me

What Buffy Taught Me

My bedroom at university is pretty well decorated with a Jurassic World poster on the wall, fairy lights, and pictures of my friends and I surrounding my desk. However, my favourite decoration in my room is the one my Dad helped me make before I moved away: a gold lettered sign on my wall, right next to my bed, that says “What Would Buffy Do?”

This is the mantra I live by. I grew up watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BTVS)- it began on television when I was a few months old and my parents eventually acquired the box sets for me to start watching when I was about seven or eight years old. I was never allowed to watch past season 3 due to ‘adult themes’ (read: Buffy and Riley sex scenes) until I was about twelve or thirteen. I’ve now watched the series a few hundred times and, at the ripe old age of nineteen, I can safely say that BTVS has taught me some valuable life lessons.

#1: It’s okay not to be okay

Buffy has to be one of the strongest characters I have ever seen on television, and yet sometimes she can’t be strong. We see Buffy break down several times on the show, whether it be because she has to kill Angel or because her mother dies. Each of these times humanize Buffy and remind me that it is okay to not be okay, and sometimes you will get sad and overwhelmed, but that’s fine because you don’t have to be strong all the time. Not to mention Buffy crying always ends up with me crying too!

#2: Don’t be a sheep

One of my favourite characters in the BTVS series has got to be Cordelia. She’s sassy, hilarious, and the ‘bully turned friend’. One of the best things Cordelia has taught me is to not be a sheep. Cordy is unafraid to be herself, and she is a very loud and proud, outgoing personality. However, the turning point for her was at the end of the season 2 episode, Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, when she stands up to Harmony and her band of ‘sheep’. Cordelia tells Harmony that she is a sheep, and Cordy will wear what she wants to wear and date who she wants to date, even if that guy is Xander.

#3: Everything is better with a little help from friends

Buffy often suffers from what I like to call the ‘hero complex’, i.e. she feels as if she has to do everything alone and by herself so that she doesn’t endanger any of her friends or family. However, the majority of the time she has the most success when she allows her friends to help her in any way they can. This is an advantage of them knowing that she is the Slayer. They often help research what Buffy is up against, find clues, concoct and carry out plans, and be there when it is all done and dusted. My two favourite examples of when they all succeeded together was when they were fighting the Order of Taraka assassins in season 2, each of them tackling one that they had researched. Also, I absolutely loved the season 3 finale, Graduation Day part 2, when they finally all take on the Mayor’s ascension. It is such a kick ass episode, mostly because everyone is fighting and working together to take the big snake down.

Hopefully you guys have watched BTVS, or plan to soon, as it has always been, and will always continue to be, my favourite TV show in the world. It’s funny, witty, dark, stressful, action packed, and it teaches a lot of important lessons through the characters and their ordeals.

I look forward to my 101st re watch!