TV Talk: Lucifer – Season One Review

Lucifer is a show that surprises me. When I say surprise now, I mean I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did by the time the season was up. Not to say I thought it would be terrible but given the amount of shows on television these days I prefer to watch TV that completely captures my attention and Lucifer may have taken a few episodes but now I am fully on the ride (pun not intended I promise haha).

The premise is fairly simple, the Devil decided to take a vacation to LA (city of angels don’t you know) and he meets a homicide detective Chloe Decker who quickly intrigues him being immune to his unique gift of drawing the desires out of humans while she investigates a shooting in front of the nightclub he owns. Tom Ellis plays the hell out of this role (no I’m not doing this on purpose) and he has wonderful chemistry with Lauren German who clearly is enjoying her character and bringing out all the wonderful facets of a truly good human in the face of a man who only looks for the sinful side of life.

Over the course of the season we get into the world building introducing off the bat Mazikeen, or Maze – a demon who’s very loyal to Lucifer, Amenadiel – Lucifer’s angelic brother, Dan and Trixie – Chloe’s estranged husband and daughter, and Dr. Linda Martin – a therapist whom Lucifer starts seeing.

What I like, and certainly what improved on the show, is that it hones in on building the characters’ relationships with each other in between the murder investigations and procedural element rather than the focus being the other way around since frankly there’s a LOT of procedurals out there we don’t need just “another” one.

As the story gets in deeper I found myself even more interested in the characters as they mix and matched throughout the stories and murders. I found interactions I didn’t expect to like let alone love (case in point Maze and Trixie at the bar was adorable and classic). The biggest draw is of course the banter and slowly deepening friendship between Chloe and Lucifer and how he comes to terms with his identity from being exposed to someone who makes him vulnerable or rather “human.” For all her skepticism at his open admission of being the literal “Devil” its adorable to see these two vastly different people find common ground and comradeship through murder investigations while navigating their very different lives.

Leading up to the final episodes, I love seeing how Lucifer struggle with his identity crisis culminating in a wonderful season finale (the showdown with Malcom, a deal with his Dad to save Chloe – cue the I’m dying of feels moment) and finally that blew the doors wide open on the mythology of the world. I mean seriously….MOM?! I did not see that coming. I was honestly expecting some famous demonic or angelic figure but that was a cliffhanger. I cannot wait to see how next season handles this wonderful ensemble since the Devil now has a true friend (that I am dying to see develop further; what can I say? I’m a shipper), a brother he loves to fight with, a demon who snarks as well as he does, and a wayward parent he’s terrified of but must take back to Hell where she belongs….is it Fall yet?

TV Talk: The 100 3×12 – Demons

Erica:  Can we do a gushing episode recap kinda thing for The 100, please?
Abby:  YES
Erica:  OMG IT WAS AMAZING!!!  I was absolutely CONVINCED that Miller and Bryan were messing with Harper. CONVINCED!!!
Erica:   YES!!!
Erica: They are so CUTE!
Erica:  Omg! I know!!!
Abby:  SO SO SO SO SO SO CUTE.  I love Harper + Briller, she ships them so much
Erica:  She does!
Abby:  And her scream, how does Chelesy produce such bone chilling things week after week???
Erica:  Oh, I know! You just know that girl has heard some tall tales. lol  But seriously, they should have been a foursome. :disappointed:  Briller and Harpoe.
Emma Claire:  Late to the party but I LOVED that episode.  Those 3 lil munchkins at the start are my faves.  Also why can’t Murphy catch a damn break? I’m so hurt by Emori.
Erica:  I know! The ONLY reason I can think of for Emori to have taken the damn chip is because she found out her brother took it before he died and she could see him again.
Emma Claire:  That’s my best case scenario. Worst case is she was chipped all along…My poor lil Murph.
Erica:  Oh man. Wait, but her brother wasn’t until Jaha came along.
Emma Claire:  Oh, that’s true.  That makes me feel a bit better. Still sad about it, though. Murphy was so hurt. Wahhhh I’m so protective of him. lol who would’ve thought?!
Erica:  Definitely not me at the beginning of S1!!!  Hey, did you hear that The 100 has a new co-executive producer for S4?
Emma Claire:  No, I didnt! That bodes well, though, surely.
Erica:  I hope so!
Emma Claire:  Do you think Jasper is going to die? I really hope not, but it’s seeming more and more likely.
Erica:  I’m really hoping not.
Julie:   DO NOT LET JASPER DIE. Me and my mom love him so much!
Erica:  He’s finally able to see the pain of others and is trying to be there for them, too. I’m loving him. I really want him to stay.
Julie:  I seriously can’t wait till Netflix US has season 3! I need Jasper character development
Erica:  It’s gonna be such a long time before that happens.
Sara:  One of the drawbacks of Netflix is how long it takes them to update TV seasons.
Erica:That’s definitely one of the biggest drawbacks.
Julie:  We are getting the new seasons of Baby Daddy and Young and Hungry just a few weeks after the last episode aired. It all depends on the contract Netflix is able to get/how long they want DVD sales to be the only option.
Erica:  Unless you’re in Canada. Then Netflix has each new episode of The 100 uploaded at midnight PST every Friday. Something they do for Shadowhunters at midnight PST on Wednesdays. I love it!

TV Talk: Once Upon A Time…

Abby:  I love OUAT (Once Upon A Time).
Beck:  Meeee tooooo! What did you think of the Dorothy/Red TALK?
Beck:   Omg. …..yessssss loved the pep talk. ..loved how it was all treated…but….I feel sad for Mulan….
Abby: I feel sad for Mulan but I think we’ll see her get her happy ending sometime
Beck:  I hope so!
Abby:  I hope so, too. I loved Red.
Beck:  OMG Me too…it was so good to have her back!
Abby:  It was so amazing to have her back.
Beck:  Like I knew she was coming back…but last week when Snow grabbed her red hood and she was there..I was just. ..yessssss
Abby:  I really liked the way Red liking Dorothy was treated by the show. It was treated as scary because love is scary. No matter what sexuality you are, telling someone you like them is going to scare the shit out of you.
Beck:  I completely agree.  I loved that there was absolutely no hint of that whole “omg she’s gay/bi” thing that seems to happen.  I also liked that Red was worried that Dorothy didn’t know how to deal with her wolf side. ..that was a bigger issue…I am not sure, however, I can back the nicknames…
Abby:  The nicknames were cute. And preventing death was, of course, the major issue.
Beck:  It’s probably a me thing…just couldn’t go with them….
Abby:  And that’s cool.
Beck:  And yes, it definitely was. Ok, I have to ask. Your opinion on Belle?
Abby:  I really liked the Snow/Charming arc – we got their theme which was nice.
Beck:  I’m so glad to have Snow back 🙂
Abby:  Sleeping curse was a misguided attempt to delay what could be catastrophic, but I did like that she knows that Rumple and her are over.
Beck:  Also, sorry if I’m getting all over excited…I have no one to talk to about OUAT. And yes. She needed to stand up to him.
Abby:  Oh!  If you ship Captain Swan you should join the chat at captainswansource on tumblr. That’s where I’ve found all my friends. And it’s totally fine.  I love talking Once.
Beck:  Oh really? I might check it out!  (Sometimes the time difference makes it hard, with me being in Australia)  That’s so awesome! !  Someone to talk to!
Abby:  Always. I loved the reassuring touches this last episode.
Beck:  Slightly frustrating….
Abby:  True.
Beck:  I really liked Emma doing the arm touch to Charming…after Snow left.
Abby:  Yeah, and her standing with her arms interlocked between Killian and Henry.
Beck:  Emma and her boys 🙂