Throwback Thursday: Greek

Greek aired on ABC Family from 2007 to 2011 for 4 seasons and 74 episodes. It follows students attending Cyprus-Rhodes University (CRU) who participate in the Greek system. The main characters are Rusty and Casey Cartwright, siblings who are on very different life paths.

Casey is the campus darling, dating Evan (the president of Omega Chi Delta), and well on her way to being president of her own sorority, Zeta Beta Zeta. Rusty (aka Spitter), on the other hand, is new to campus and just wants to fit in. Him fitting in would be a lot easier if Casey had actually told people she had a little brother, or if he wasn’t in the Honors Engineering Program, or if he hadn’t caught Casey’s boyfriend sleeping with Casey’s new ‘little sister’, or if he hadn’t defected Omega Chi Delta for Kappa Tau Gamma (run by Casey’s ex-boyfriend and Evan’s ex-best friend/former roommate, Cappie). Pretty much, Rusty has a lot stacked up against him, and it’s only his first week of school.

The show explores all of the different dynamics that come with college: keeping up with the coursework, navigating the Greek system politics, weird roommates, relationships (including love triangles), sexuality, and life after graduation.

Judd Apatow has talked about how difficult it is to produce a show that accurately portrays a period in someones life that isn’t generally seen as ‘safe’ for broadcast television. Somehow, Greek was able to be watched by almost any member in the family, while still showing drinking, drugs, and sex accurately. It also has positive depictions of gay characters. No gimmicky stereotypes here folks, nor one dimensional relationships. LGBT+ characters had fully developed relationships, and were given just as much thought and care as the straight relationships.

The show also used real life band The Plain White T’s as the Greek systems go-to house party band. Every party utilizes the band on screen, featuring their songs throughout the episodes and during commercials/promo spots, as well as using the cast in music videos. Fans cannot listen to the album Every Second Counts without having flashbacks and intense cravings to re-watch the show.

There is rumor that a reunion movie is in the works, catching up with the characters for their 5 year college reunion.

Where to watch: Freeform website (Watch the trailer)

Where to find the fandom: Most (almost all) of the fandom defected soon after the last episode aired, but luckily the internet is forever – FanfictionLivejournalA03, Tumblr: fuckyeahzbzcappie-tau-gammafuckyeahgreek


Unpopular Opinion: Ross/Rachel are the WORST

I was born in 1990, so I spent my formative years hearing the media glorify Ross/Rachel as the “IT” couple. Water cooler conversations were all about whether or not they will get back together, what did him saying her name mean, and heated debates over whether or not they were actually on a break.

When I got to high school and decided to re-watch Friends all the way through, I quickly became disenchanted with this couple. This is not the couple to look up to. This is the couple that makes family and marriage counselors cringe and hit happy hour with abandon.

What exactly makes them the worst couple?

  1. Ross is overly jealous of Rachel’s co-worker, Mark. He will not listen to her when she says that they are just co-workers, and Rachel never even gives a hint to liking Mark that way. In fact, when Rachel breaks up with Ross, she does not even go running to Mark. Ergo, it was all in Ross’s head. Ross became petty, manipulative, and domineering over Rachel’s life because he thought another guy liked her. This isn’t sweet. It isn’t romantic. It’s fairly abusive.
  2. He continually puts his work in front of Rachel, but gets angry when she has an emergency on their anniversary and can’t make it that night. He shows up at her work with a picnic and purposely disrupts her while she’s on the phone trying to figure out what caused the mess up. He cannot stand not being the center of attention (and we can probably thank his spoiling parents for that one).
  3. Ross was overall a very controlling boyfriend. He even forbade her to get a tattoo. It’s her body; her decision. When Ross doesn’t get what he wants when he wants it, tantrums arise. He yells at her in front of all of their friends when she is trying to figure out what outfit to wear to his award ceremony. Yes, he’s trying to make sure they get there on time, but what he says and how he says it screams controlling asshole.
  4. When Rachel is pregnant, Ross gets angry when she goes on a date with someone else. Meanwhile, Ross has a girlfriend and flirts with other girls in front of pregnant Rachel. He flirts with their nanny, but gets angry when Rachel kisses Gavin. He even hides the message Rachel gets from the guy at the bar because he refuses to acknowledge the fact that Rachel is allowed to see other guys just like he’s allowed to see other girls.
  5. Ross was constantly making her feel dumb. He even made a list about it when trying to decide if he should date her or not. He treated her like she couldn’t do anything outside of shopping, no matter what skills she displayed/learned.
  6. Ross was a cheater, and Rachel approved of it. He cheated on Bonnie with Rachel,  and Rachel was willing to be the other woman. She knew he was dating Bonnie, and she even tried to manipulate Bonnie into bad decisions to get Ross to break up with her. He even hook ups with Charlie (Joey/Ross’s girlfriend), before her and Joey break up.
  7. Ross is constantly lying. He has every intention of lying about sleeping with the copy girl, he lies about reading Rachel’s letter, and he lies about still being married to Rachel.  He even tries to lie to Mona about Rachel moving in with him.
  8. Ross decides to get married to Emily (Rachel’s boss’s niece) less then one year after breaking up with  Rachel. If this is supposed to be the “it” couple, the couple we are to strive to be like, how in the world is he ready to marry somebody else less then one year after breaking up with the ‘love of his life’? It just does not make sense.
  9. Rachel showing up at his wedding, and her subsequent “him saying my name has to mean something”, was just petty and childish. If she truly loved him, she would want him to be happy. She would not have disrupted his wedding day like that, and she would not have focused on herself in the aftermath.
  10. Ross not only dates Rachel’s boss’s niece, he also dates her sister. How horrible can a guy get? Then again, Rachel ends up dating Joey, one of Ross’s best friends. Neither one really has the high moral ground here.
  11. WE WERE ON A BREAK. That joke is the worst joke of all time, and makes this couple HORRIBLE. Here is a transcript of their fight:

Rachel: Oh my God. I cannot keep having this same fight with you Ross! Look, urrgh, maybe we should take a break.

Ross: Fine, you’re right. Let’s ah, let’s take a break, (goes to the door) let’s cool off, okay, let’s get some frozen yoghurt, or something.. (opens the door)

Rachel: No. A break from us.

Rachel afterwards tells Mark “oh and then I told him I wanted to take a break”. And then to top it all off, she leaves this voicemail:

Rachel: (on answering machine) Hi, it’s me. I’ve been trying to reach you all night. I feel awful. Please, Ross, you gotta know there is nothing between me and Mark. This whole break-up thing is just stupid. Eh, I’m just so sorry I put you through it. And, I y’know, I don’t want to get back together over a machine.

She literally tells him on his answering machine that they ARE BROKEN UP. So for the entire rest of the series, she makes him feel like crap for ‘cheating’ when she clearly says everywhere else that they were indeed broken up. Ross is clearly in the right to say that they were on a break, he even has audio proof of it (which it continually pisses me off that this recording is never brought up ever again. Like, why is this not used in his arguments? It would have ended the debate once and for all).

Neither person brings out the best in the other. When they are together, they are childish, petty, manipulative, and just overall horrible. Truthfully, Ross and Rachel had the best story lines when they were single and not trying to get with each other.

When people say they want to find their Ross and/or Rachel, I die a little on the inside. Nobody should look up to a couple that lies, cheats, controls, and manipulates each other. This is not a healthy relationship at all.

Tirade Tuesday: Shipping Bellarke Apparently Makes Me White

I tend to stay out of ship wars most of the time because it’s often a case of a lot of talking, and no one listening. I’ve been around The 100 fandom so long that even if a healthy discussion takes place, I know that in just a week or two the same issues would be brought up and it would be like nothing’s changed. That’s the nature of Tumblr, and you can say I’m resigned to it.

But recently I saw a post on my dashboard that disturbed me. It asked Bellarke fans to examine their privilege, and in particular, our white privilege. The premise was that Bellarke was a racist ship and that if you shipped it, you were racist. In the same way, it also implied that if you didn’t ship Braven, you were racist.

These are serious implications that are not to be taken lightly. Race is an important issue, and by all means one should examine their white privilege. But here’s the problem – I’m Chinese. One of the many people of color who ship Bellarke. Apparently, I’m not the only one who has seen such posts. Sections of the Braven fandom have also called POCs white feminists. It’s callous and it’s a sweeping generalization that lessens the credibility of the person using the term.

On a level, I get it. I don’t think that the writer really believed that all Bellarke fans are white. I also understand how people may sometimes use assumptions and sweeping statements to strengthen an argument. Throughout The 100 fandom I have also seen people pull out social justice issues to try to strengthen a case. I have seen people reveal their sexual identities, race, and personal histories to make a point.

However, in not acknowledging that the Bellarke fandom is incredibly diverse, and by erasing our identities as people of color by generalising us, it makes it difficult for me to believe that such people care all that much about the racial issues they supposedly champion.

In fact, such posts are potentially hurtful, because you never know who may be reading it. The person you asked to examine their white privilege has perhaps been trying to be white all their lives because of the difficulties of being a POC.

Discussions of race can always be grounded in the context of the show. In discussing ships, the option to form an argument solely on canon is always there. In fact, by sticking to facts on the show instead of trying (pretending) to be a champion of social justice, you may just end up having a much more fruitful discussion. Try it.

In the Spotlight: Sean Marquette

Last fall I spoke with Sean Marquette, former child actor known for his role as Young Matty in the film 13 Going On 30 alongside Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner.  We talked extensively about the film he had just wrapped in Mexico, a comedy titled Sundown.

(Previous interview can be found here)

Today I got to catch up with Sean again, this time as he prepares to walk the red carpet for Sundown at the ArcLight in Hollywood tonight.


Erica: Hey, Sean! How are you? 

Sean: Hey! I’m really, really good. How are you doing? 

Erica: I’m good. I was just catching up on your latest episode of The Goldbergs.  

Sean: Oh! How’d you like it? 

Erica: You are hilarious. That ponytail and the huge glasses…(laughs) 

Sean: Oh my gosh. It’s so much fun for me. I look like such a creep and they always put me in a Rush shirt and I get to play a full-on creep. It’s so funny! 

Erica: It is! 

Sean:  Actually, I haven’t seen it because I was in Mexico traveling and doing promotion when it aired so I’m gonna have to catch a rerun of it. 

Erica:  Ohhh. Well, abc-go-dot-com, there you go! 

Sean: Yeah, there we go. I just have to sit down and watch it. I look forward to seeing it. It was good? It was funny? 

Erica: It’s hilarious.

Sean: Awesome, awesome, awesome. Oh, I’m so happy you saw it! I love that character. That show has been the most incredible experience. So much fun. 

Erica: Yeah! So are you gonna be back for the next season? 

Sean: Uh, you know what? They don’t give us guest stars a guarantee, but yeah, looks like it. I mean, it got picked up for the fourth season and the last I spoke to Adam Goldberg he was like, ‘Yeah, man, see you in season four.’  I took that as a ‘Cool, I’ll be back! WOOHOO!!!’ 

Erica:  Awesome!

Sean: Yeah, so I’m looking forward to that. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. The coolest part about the show is that in the final episode, the main character,  Adam – Sean Giambrone plays him – he like graduates middle school so he is gonna be joining us, the rest of the cast, in high school. Which sounds like a lot of fun, to really get to work with him because he’s awesome. 

Erica: Yeah…yeah, he’ll be getting picked on would be my guess. 

Sean: I-I-I mean, I hope so. 

Erica: (laughs) I mean, it’s high school. Low man on the totum pole, hello! 

Sean: You know, the whole last episode is about us like – the juniors and sophomores and seniors – like beating him up and like welcoming him to high school through pranks and stuff. Then it kind of all goes wrong and he becomes like – you’ll have to see it. It’s an awesome episode about this little kid getting to high school. It’s awesome. 

Erica: That sounds amazing. 

Sean: Yeah. We end up jumping down like a 40-foot waterslide, which we actually did, and it was amazing.

Erica: (laughs) 

Sean: They made like this giant waterslide at a park and a big water fight breaks out at like the middle school graduation and then all the kids end up sliding down this waterslide like me, so yeah, it was awesome. 

Erica: Wow…Nobody got hurt? 

Sean: No, no! I mean, I think if anything we had too much fun. 

Erica: (laughs)

Sean: It was a day of watersliding. I don’t know who wouldn’t enjoy that.

Erica: Yeah…you seem to have a thing with the 80’s here. 

Sean: Yeah, yeah. I’ve become a big Rush fan since I started playing the Rush guy. I know a lot more about Rush now. And they’re pretty cool. 

Erica:  So you’ve got big stuff going on. There’s tonight and then this weekend…

Sean: Yes. And then later this year, too, I’ve got another film coming out. Yeah, I’m really excited.  We’re premiering Sundown tonight and then it’ll be out in theaters around the States on Friday and it’s gonna be really awesome for me to have a movie in theaters.

Erica: Yayyy!!!

Sean: And it’s really funny and it’s a big high school comedy and it’s awesome! 

Erica: I know! That’s the big one we were talking about last time we spoke. 

Sean: Yep. Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm. It’s incredible and I hope you get the chance to watch it. I mean, it’s a lot of fun. I don’t know, I get to act like a full on maniac. I spend half the movie naked and covered in makeup. Which is awesome!

Erica: (laughs) I remember you talking about that! 

Sean: Yeah. So we’ve got that movie coming out, The Goldbergs is still on and hopefully we’ll come back for next season, and then I have another movie coming out at the end of the year called Friend Request. And it’s like a horror/thriller and the cast is amazing and I actually just got to see a screener of the film and it’s awesome! 

Erica:  Oooo. I’ve heard about that movie. That’s the one I don’t think we were allowed to talk about last time. 

Sean: Yes, yes. Well, I don’t think they were finished with the distribution deal. But now they are. And also, I think they did some promotion and a release in Germany because it’s a German production so once that happened they gave us permission to talk about it. 

Erica: Oookay.  

Sean: And it’s gonna be a really, really great film and it’s nice that I have one coming out in summer and then one coming out at the end of the year as well. I feel really good about that. The movie’s really cool. I don’t know. It’s like this play on social media and it’s kind of about friends and this school and this person who makes friends with this not so popular girl at school and accidentally kind of spurns her in front of people and then this girl who is really creepy and really lonely kills herself and then possesses everyone’s Facebook and starts murdering everybody. So like I’m the funny best friend and I’m kinda rallying the troops and having a good time until my character’s the first one to go, like 30 minutes into the show. (laughs)

Erica: (laughs) 

Sean: I get possessed and I have this insane scene where like I get possessed and I bash my own head against an elevator wall until I die.

Erica: Oh wow. 

Sean:  It’s a really intense kind of violent experience but really kind of scary and I thought it went well. It was a cool performance. I’m really proud of it. 

Erica: Yeah. I was gonna say, you’re the funny guy in a thriller, you’ve gotta be the first to die. 

Sean: Yeah (laughs), yeah. I mean, there’s only so much you can do, you know? My joke with my buddies who are all in the cast from the film – my joke has been, ‘I’m all over the trailer! I’m not even gonna make it 15 minutes in this movie!’ But I did! I lasted until like 32 minutes and 20 seconds. And then the fun part, kind of because I’m the happy-go-lucky guy, is that my character gets referenced for the rest of the movie. Like, whenever it starts to feel a little bit too happy, they’ll just show a picture of me and how I’m dead and there’s a funeral for me and it’s just (dramatic voice) real sad. So I just thought that was hysterical. I was like the comedian, someone who doesn’t take horror movies seriously at all so it was like, ‘This is amazing! I’m all over this thing! Woohoo!’ (laughs) It was just really, really fun.

Erica: (laughs) 

Sean: And also, the whole cast are all really, really close friends of mine now. We all spent two and a half months working in Capetown, South Africa together working on this film and it was like the best bonding experience of all time. Shooting the movie was definitely the best part of that movie. 

Erica: Yeah. That’s more traveling you’ve done! Mexico, South Africa…

Sean: I mean, I’ve spent my whole life, I don’t know, I’m so lucky I’ve gotten to travel around the world. I went to Bangkok, Thailand when I was fourteen. I was in Vancouver and Toronto all through my teen years. I’ve been all over the States. I think I’ve been to like twenty states. I met the governor of Virginia. (chuckles) I don’t know. I’ve had like the weirdest experience traveling all over the States and the world. 

Erica: I’m so jealous! 

Sean: Yeah, I mean, I’m really excited about it. I was in an interview yesterday and they were asking me about school and they asked me if I’d gone to university and I was like, ‘No, I was homeschooled. I finished high school early and spent most of my time traveling.’ And then of course they asked me, ‘Do you feel bad that you – do you feel like you missed out on an experience by not going to school with the rest of the population?’ and I was like, ‘No! I spent my life traveling and doing these things that people try to do after they leave school! No, I didn’t miss school at all.’ 





Throwback Thursday: Kitchen Confidential

Kitchen Confidential only aired 4 episodes between September 19, 2005 and December 5, 2005 (all 13 episodes were later released on DVD). After the first 3 episodes were shown, Fox network put the show on hiatus due to the Major League Baseball playoffs, then postponed, and was then cancelled 4 days after the fourth episode aired. It is based on Anthony bourdain’s bestselling book by the same name.

Bradley Cooper plays the lead character, Jack Bourdain, who is a successful chief who lost prestige due to alcohol and drug addiction. He is given the chance to run Nolita as a career comeback. He is helped out in the kitchen by one of his oldest friends (Nicholas Brendon), his best friend/thief (Owain Yeoman), a newbie (John Francis Daley), a ditzy waitress (Jaime King), and a head waitress/daughter of the owner who hates the entire staff (Bonnie Somerville).

As you can see, the show has a phenomenal cast. At its core, the show focuses on the hijinks done by the main kitchen staff, and trying to keep the bosses daughter from finding out. The writing is witty, and plays on the actors/actresses best strengths. It is a show that if promoted correctly (it was paired with Arrested Development on Monday nights), could have run for a few seasons rather then only 4 episodes.

Where to watch: Hulu, and Amazon sells the complete series for only $10 (Watch a clip)

Where to find the fandom: Sadly, there is pretty much no fandom for this show. You can find a few stories on Fanfiction and AO3, and you have to dig through the tag on tumblr to find show related posts (most are for the book)


Trending Topics: Fall Pilot Picks

Every spring the major networks release a write-up of all their potential fall shows. This year, several of the contributing writers for The Fandom Files decided to get together and take a look at what’s hot and what’s not.
Erica: Ok, so I’m scrolling through ABC’s potentials for fall and they have them sorted into categories. First comedy that looks like it MAY have potential is:
Dream Team
Logline: Marty Schumacher (Justin Long) coached his last club soccer team for 10 years, ultimately taking them to the national championships. He now has to start from scratch with a diverse group of 8-year-olds, and their disparate parents.
Cast: Justin Long, Wanda Sykes, Michael Mosley, Lindsey Kraft, Michelle Buteau, Wynn Everett, Carlos Leal, Betty Gilpin, Addison Osta
Team: W/EP Kari Lizer, Bill Wrubel (Will & Grace); EP/D Marc Buckland
Studio: Warner Bros. Television, Kari’s Logo Here, Here Comes Scrappy
Format: Single-camera
Location: Los Angeles

Emma Claire:  That sounds like it could be funny. Kids in TV shows are usually either a hit or miss for me.
Erica:  Same. I’m more thinking that the kids, if chosen right, could be cute, but the parents would be hilarious. And combine them with Justin Long and it COULD be a huge hit.
Emma Claire:  The parents sound like they would be great- i think it all comes down to the casting of the kids.
Erica:  Very likely. My youngest is 9-years-old. I’m just picturing a bunch of kids like her and her friends and it could either be amazing or horrifying for sure. Ok, next comedy that looks like it has potential:
Hail Mary*
Logline: A young small-town mayor named Mary Wolf (Happy Endings’ Casey Wilson) has dysfunctional siblings, a dying father, disgruntled citizens, a nearly bankrupt town and the mafia breathing down her neck. Only a miracle can help her — so she fakes one. Based on the Austrian Broadcasting Corp. series Braunschlag, created by David Schalko.
Cast: Casey Wilson, Retta, Sarah Baker (Go On), Gareth Reynolds, Gareth Reynolds, Tom Stourton, Jackee Harry
Team: Writer/EP Brian Gallivan (The McCarthys); EP Seth Gordon, Tariq Jalil; D Julie Anne Robinson
Studio: Sony Pictures Television, ABC Studios, Intrigue
Format: Single-camera
Location: Atlanta

Emma Claire:  Ooh Retta! This sounds more like something I’d like.
Erica:  I just want to know what kind of a miracle she fakes and HOW.
Emma Claire: Great question, that’s confusing to me.
Erica: That’s probably their hook for trying to get people to watch.  The next one looks really interesting to me but it doesn’t sound like a comedy so I’m a little worried at the same time…
Logline: A family with a special-needs child is good at dealing with the challenges it faces and excellent at creating new ones.
Cast: Minnie Driver, John Ross Bowie, Micah Fowler, Cedric Yarborough, Mason Cook, Micah Fowler, Kyla Kennedy
Team: W/EP Scott Silveri (Friends), EP Jake Kasdan, Melvin Mar (Fresh Off the Boat); D Christine Gernon
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television, ABC Studios
Format: Single-camera

Emma Claire: Sounds like it might be darker humour to me.
Beck: Speechless could be interesting, but I like dark humour sometimes….if it’s done well.
Erica:  It’s more the special needs mixed with dark comedy that could either be amazing or horrifying.
Emma Claire: It’s a bit of a sore subject to put into a comedic show.
Erica:  Right. It would have to be REALLY well done. Ok, I’m not sure about this next one but it’s got Shonda Rhimes as an EP (Executive Producer) so it’s gotta have potential:
Logline: Over the course of Max (Jono Kenyon) and Page’s (Jerrika Hinton) wedding rehearsal dinner, their eclectic family and friends give toasts recalling anecdotes about the couple — but flashbacks reveal the toasts don’t always get it right, as the comedy explores the real story of their complicated, funny and relatable road to marriage.
Cast: Jerrika Hinton (1st position to Grey’s Anatomy), Jono Kenyon, Tessa Ferrer (Grey’s Anatomy), Punam Patel, Brooks Wheelan, Thelma Hopkins, Frankie Faison
Team: W/EP Scott Foley, Greg Grunberg; EP Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers; EP/D Gail Mancuso; EP/shworunner Gregg Mettler (The Muppets)
Studio: ABC Studios, Shondaland
Format: Hybrid
Location: Los Angeles

Emma Claire: Ew love and stuff…not for me. Sounds sappy.
Erica: (laughs) Yeah, it doesn’t really sound like my thing, either. Ok, this one wouldn’t really catch my eye at all except that I love Jenna Elfman, soooo…
Untitled Goldberg/Guaracio* (aka Imaginary Mary)
Logline: Centers on a 30-something bachelorette (Jenna Elfman) whose life is turned upside down when she finally meets the love of her life — a divorced father with three kids. This triggers even more upheaval when the slightly unhinged imaginary friend she created as an only child suddenly reappears in her life to help her navigate the transition from single girl to a woman ready for a family. With Rachel Dratch as the voice of the imaginary friend.
Cast: Jenna Elfman, Rachel Dratch (voiceover), Stephen Schneider, Nicholas Coombe, Matreya Scarrwener, Erica Tremblay, Stephen Schneider, Jillian Bell
Team: Adam F. Goldberg, David Guaracio (The Goldbergs); EP Patrick Osbourne, Doug Robinson; D Shawn Levy
Studio: Sony Pictures Television, Happy Madison, ABC Studios
Format: Single-camera with CGI
Location: Vancouver

Emma Claire: Yup, sounds weird to me.
Erica:  And that endeth the comedies from ABC.  I’m kinda saddened at the lack of things to be excited about, to be honest.
Emma Claire: Yeah, none of them really interest me THAT much. Though to be fair, I only watch 3ish shows that can be considered comedies….maybe 4. But that’s not many considering how many shows I watch (laughs).
Erica:  (laughs) I actually watch quite a few dramedies, sooo…Anyway, should we see if any of the dramas they have to offer sound any better?
Emma Claire: Yep, sounds great.
Erica:  Ok, when you give me Kiefer Sutherland in a political role where the show was ordered straight to series, you’ve definitely got my interest piqued:
Designated Survivor* (straight to series) — ORDERED TO SERIES
Logline: Centers on a lower-level U.S. cabinet member (Kiefer Sutherland) who is suddenly appointed president after a catastrophic attack during the State of the Union kills everyone above him in the presidential line of succession. The series is described as a family drama wrapped around a conspiracy thriller about an ordinary man in an extraordinary situation.
Cast: Kiefer Sutherland, Natasha McElhone, Maggie Q, Kal Penn, Italia Ricci, Adan Canto, LaMonica Garrett
Team: W/EP David Guggenheim (Safe House); EP Simon Kinberg, Kiefer Sutherland, Suzan Bymel; EP/showrunner Amy B. Harris; EP/D Paul McGuigan
Studio: ABC Studios, Mark Gordon Co. Studios, eOne
Location: Toronto

Emma Claire:  Yeessss! I love political dramas! Sign me up.
Erica:  I know, right?! By the way, can we get Keifer Sutherland as president instead of Trump? Like, for real?
Emma Claire: I wont lie. I don’t know who he [Keifer Sutherland] is….but anyone that isn’t Trump is fine with me.
Beck:  Can you have ANYONE but Trump? Political is not really my thing, though…I’ll leave this one to you two.
Erica:  (laughs)  Well, I’ll be honest. This next one wasn’t really thrilling me until I saw who was in it. It’s looking at how individual jurors’ experiences impact their decisions on a jury.
The Jury*
Logline: The anthology series is described as 12 Angry Men meets podcast Serial, The Jury follows a single murder trial as seen through the eyes of the individual jurors, exploring the biases and experiences that influence the jurors’ judgment, and how their preconceptions change along the way.
Cast: Archie Panjabi (The Good Wife), Jeremy Sisto, Eve Harlow, Adina Porter, Hina Bbdullah, JD Pardo, Brandon Jay McLaren, Ben Esler, Brian Howe, Jayne Taini, Kevin Rankin, Sepideh Moafi, Nikki DeLoach
Team: W/EP VJ Boyd; W/co-EP Mark Bianculli; EP Carol Mendelsohn, Julie Weitz; D Neil Burger
Studio: Sony Pictures Television, Carol Mendelsohn Productions, ABC Studios
Location: Atlanta

Beck:  Maybe. It has potential…..and Adina [Porter] is amazing.
Erica:  Adina [Porter] and Eve [Harlow] both. Beck, Eve played Maya from Mt Weather on The 100. And she kicked ass on Heroes Reborn.
Emma Claire: Oooh, I like the sound of that, too. And yay Adina and Eve!
Erica:  They are both so freaking down to earth, dedicated, and just REAL.  Eve is like the epitome of positivity and Adina is like everyone’s hot mom.
Beck:  (sighs) I’m the only non 100 person in the room (laughs).
Erica:  I know, I know.  I’m sorry!!!
Beck: I’m used to it.
Erica:  This next one I’m super unsure about. But it’s more interesting than a bunch of others soooo…
Presence (unlic)*
Logline: Centers on a former Army veteran Presence Foster (Stephanie Sigman) who finds herself interacting with a widely divergent and highly colorful cross-section of Los Angeles as she unintentionally begins a career as an unlicensed private investigator.
Cast: Stephanie Sigman, Rick Gonzalez, Marcus Anderson, Colin Woodell, Felicity Huffman (guest in the pilot)
Team: W/EP John Ridley; EP Michael McDonald
Studio: ABC Studios, International Famous Players Radio Picture Corp., Stearns Castle
Location: Los Angeles

Beck:  I’d like to know more about what spin they are putting on it. Like Veronica Mars was a teenage PI, Angel was basically a supernatural PI….what makes this different?
Erica:  Other than her being a former military person who’s a PI? Next up is one that could be really interesting or a total train wreck…
Logline: Set in an alternate history where gas and coal fuel the world, this genre soap centers on the battle for power between two rival families and a rebellious young woman with a spark of invention that could level both their empires.
Cast: Antonia Thomas, Rege-Jean Page, Tracy Ifeachor, Lena Olin, Tom Brittney, Alex Lanipekun, Austin Hebert, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Rachel Hurd-Wood
Team: W/EP Michael Cooney (Center Stage); EP Ian Sander, Kim Moses
Studio: ABC Studios
Location: Prague

Emma Claire: Presence doesn’t sound like something I would watch…not really doing much for me at the moment!  And Spark sounds like a disaster…
Erica:  (laughs) It sounds like something The CW would try to pull off, doesn’t it?  Anyway, this one doesn’t sound much better BUT it’s based on a book so who knows…
Still Star-Crossed*
Logline: A period drama that picks up where Romeo & Juliet left off, charting the treachery, palace intrigue and ill-fated romances of the Montagues and Capulets in the wake of the young lovers’ tragic fate. Based on the book by Melinda Taub.
Cast: Clara Rugaard (as Juliet), Anthony Head, Lashana Lynch, Zuleikha Robinson, Medalion Rahimi, Ebonee Noel, Torrance Coombs (1st position to Reign), Wade Briggs, Medalion Rahimi, Ebonee Noel, Sterling Sulieman, Dan Hildebrand, Susan Woolridge, Grant Bowler
Team: W/EP Heather Mitchell (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal); EP Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers, Michael Goldstein; EP/D Michael Offer
Studio: ABC Studios, Shondaland
Location: Spain

Erica:  It’s got the guy who plays Bash on Reign. That, to me, could be a positive…Thoughts? Anyone?
Emma Claire:  I don’t know how shows based off books would work out…will they diverge from the book like The 100 (thank goodness they did) and base it loosely? I wonder.  [9:22]
Also, Shadowhunters, to me, didn’t really turn out well…so I’m skeptical.
Erica:  It depends on the series…some stick to canon and some don’t. iZombie didn’t stick to canon, either, and it’s turned out fairly well. This next one is based on a book, too…
Time After Time*
Logline: Based on the novel Time After Time, written by Karl Alexander, the drama uses the 1979 novel and movie as a starting point and chronicles the epic adventures of young H.G. Wells (Freddie Stroma, UnREAL) and his time machine.
Cast: Freddie Stroma (UnREAL), Josh Bowman (Revenge), Genesis Rodriguez, Regina Taylor, Vanessa Anders, Jordin Sparks
Team: W/EP Kevin Williamson; EP/D Marcos Siega
Studio: Warner Bros. Television, Outerbanks
Location: New York

Erica:  Positives: Time travel & Kevin Williamson. Negatives: Pretty much everything else is unknown.
Emma Claire: Positives: Freddie Stroma. (heart eyes)
Erica:  (laughs) I don’t know him or his work.
Emma Claire:  Doesn’t really tell us much, does it?
Erica:  Nope.
Emma Claire:  He was Cormac McLaggen in Harry Potter 6 and Luke in the first Pitch Perfect.
Erica:  Luke…I don’t remember who Luke was…and I don’t know that I’ve seen Harry Potter 6…Hmmm…That’s it for ABC.  
Erica: For CBS comedies, right off the bat we have one that I wouldn’t normally take note of except that it’s got the combination of Geoff Stults, David Spade, and Tina Fey.
The Kicker*
Logline: An oddball athlete (Enlisted’s Geoff Stults) drives family, friends and strangers insane after he unexpectedly finds himself cut from his professional football team.
Cast: Geoff Stults (Enlisted), David Spade, Joanna Garcia Swisher, J.B. Smoove
Team: W/EP Jack Burditt; EP Tina Fey, Robert Carlock (30 Rock, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt); EP David Miner; EP/D Don Scardino
Studio: Universal Television, Little Stranger, 3 Arts
Format: Multicamera

Beck:  Not my thing, to be honest…..
Emma Claire:  Me neither, though I do love Tina Fey…
Beck:  Ok, confession. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her [Tina Fey] in anything.
Julie:  (entering) Dream Team sounds good. Hail Mary is not my style. Speechless could do more damage than good. Toast is 100% my style. Imaginary Mary sounds like an ABC family movie that had Nick Zano in it. Can’t remember what it was called. Designated Survivor and The Jury don’t interest me at all. Presence sounds like any other detective show, to be honest. Spark also sounds like a lot of other shows that are already on the air. Still Star Crossed wasn’t really a good book. Didn’t even finish it. Time After Time could be good. I like time travel. The Kicker sounds cute.
Erica:  (laughs) Hey, Julie.  Nice abbreviated catch-up. Beck, oh my god! You’ve never seen Tina Fey in anything?!  The best thing EVER was her SNL (Saturday Night Live) performance as Sarah Palin.
Beck:  Ummmm…we don’t get SNL here (Australia)…or it’s not big at all here…..
Erica: Oh my god…ok, hold on…
Beck:  Apparently it’s on Foxtel…but yeah. …it’s behind…and I don’t know anyone that watches it. 
Julie:  I think Tina Fey is a little bit overrated. I think she’s a better writer when she is not writing for herself or her friends, if that makes sense.
Beck:  I’ll have to watch when I’m not at my desk at work.
Erica:  All I know is that she was the PERFECT Sarah Palin. Sidenote…how could we ever have thought that Sarah Palin was the worst that the US had to offer in politics?  I mean, Trump.
Julie:  Tina rocks Sarah Palin.
Erica:  Ok, this one looks hilarious:
What Goes Around Comes Around*
Logline: Two 40-something parents (Jason Lee) who were wild and reckless teenagers now face their worst nightmare — raising three teenagers of their own.
Cast: Jason Lee, Alyssa Milano (My Name Is Earl), Dougie Baldwin, Jee Young Han, Matt Murray
Team: W/EP Dan Kopelman (Malcolm in the Middle); EP Aaron Kaplan; D/EP Tim Story
Studio: Warner Bros Television, Kapital Entertainment
Format: Single-camera

Julie:  YES!!!!!!!!  This could be a new Malcolm in the Middle, and I really need a show like that back in my life.  ALYSSA MILANO!  And just saw that Dan Kopelman is part of it, so YES!!!!!!!
Erica:  I know. I saw Alyssa Milano and knew I was in.  Emma Claire? Beck?
Emma Claire:  Oooh yeah looks so good! Alyssa Milano! Sorry, got distracted watching that Tina [Fey] and Amy [Poehler] vid. I love Amy a lot. Her book is great.
Erica:  (laughs)  Amy is ok. But Alyssa Milano is freaking HOT.  Always has been and always will be.
Julie:  I have loved her [Alyssa Milano] since Who’s the Boss, and I will continue loving her.

Beck:  Watched the video [Tina Fey and Amy Poehler]…and um…very American…..Yes to What Goes Around Comes Around…

Erica:  Ok, this next one I wouldn’t even bring up but I’m looking at the cast and all I want in the world is for Katherine Heigl to fall for Laverne Cox. (laughs)
Doubt* (redeveloped from last season)
Logline: Centers on Sadie (Katherine Heigl), a smart, chic, successful defense lawyer at a boutique firm who shockingly gets romantically involved with one of her clients, who may or may not be guilty of a brutal crime.
Cast: Katherine Heigl, Steven Pasquale, Dule Hill, Laverne Cox, Kobi Libbi, Elliott Gould, Dreama Walker
Team: W/EP Tony Phelan, Joan Rater (Grey’s Anatomy); EP Carl Beverly, Sarah Timberman; EP/D Adam Bernstein
Studio: CBS Television Studios, Timberman/Beverly Productons
Location: New York

Emma Claire:  Mmmm…don’t know about Doubt.

Beck:  Not sure about Doubt either…

Julie:  DULE HILL [Gus from Psych] IS IN IT! I need him back on my TV screen. And I love Heigl so much, and I agree with her falling for Laverne Cox.  Did you sees Heigl’s movie where she marries Alexis Bledel [from Gilmore Girls]? Oh, and Everything You Want is the Nick Zano movie that is very similar to Imaginary Mary.
Beck:  I haven’t heard of that…is it good? Sidenote, I’m listening to Gilmore Guys…
Julie:  Which one? Heigl’s movie or Everything You Want?  Both are good. Everything You Want is very romcom, and Heigl’s hits on some really good themes in the LGBT+ community.
Beck:  Everything You Want.  I’m going to check it out! 
Julie:  It was an ABC Family Original movie, and also has Shiri Appleby in it.  I loved it! Then again, I am all about the romcoms.
Beck: Awesome. Thanks!!!
Julie: I think Youtube might be the only place to watch it now. Here’s a link:
Erica:  Ok, all I want to know with this next one is WHY did they do THIS instead of rebooting Veronica Mars? WHY?
Logline: A contemporary take on the character from the iconic Nancy Drew book series. Now in her 30s, Nancy (Person of Interest’s Sarah Shahi) is a detective for the NYPD where she investigates and solves crimes using her uncanny observational skills, all while navigating the complexities of life in a modern world.
Cast: Sarah Shahi (1st position to CBS’ Person of Interest), Anthony Edwards, Vanessa Ferlito (Graceland), Steve Kazee (Shameless), Felix Solis, Rob McClure, Debra Monk
Team: W/EP Joan Rater, Tony Phelan (Grey’s Anatomy); EP Dan Jinks; EP/D James Strong
Studio: CBS Television Studios
Location: New York

Erica: That’s what I’m saying.
Beck:  Oh my god!!! Give us VERONICA!!!!!!!! Are they insane?
Erica:  They are. They absolutely are.  And this next one, again, just need to know WHY?  WHY do we need a MacGyver reboot? WHY?
Logline: A reimagining of the television series of the same name, following a 20-something MacGyver (X-Men: Apocalypse’s Lucas Till) as he gets recruited into a clandestine organization where he uses his knack for solving problems in unconventional ways to help prevent disasters from happening.
Cast: Lucas Till, Addison Timlin (Californication), George Eads (CSI), Michelle Krusiec, Joshua Boone
Team: W/EP Paul Downs Colaizzo; EP Michael Clear, Lee Zlotoff, Henry Winkler; EP/D James Wan; D David Von Ancken
Studio: CBS Television Studios, Atomic Monster
Location: Portland

Julie:  Lucas Till is not a badass, sorry.  He was on Hannah Montana and is the You Belong With Me music video love interest.  MacGyver he is not.  He could barely catch a football during the music video. They shot it like 30 times, and he caught the ball once.
Emma Claire:  Ehhhh, not interested in either of those.
Julie:  Why reboot MacGyver and not Veronica Mars? I hate Hollywood.
Beck:  (rolls eyes) 
Erica:  I don’t get it, either. Ok, that’s it that looked interesting from CBS. Which is sad, because that’s seriously slim pickings.  On to FOX…oh wait, sorry Beck, she just reminded me that there’s one more from CBS: 
Furst Born* (formerly untitled Butler/Hope/O’Shannon)
Logline: An extended family show inspired by the Australian format Upper Middle Bogan about a wife and mother (Unforgettable’s Poppy Montgomery) who learns she was adopted and that her birth parents are a flamboyant but loving family of drag-racers.
Cast: Poppy Montgomery, Patrick Brammall (reprising role from the original), Katey Sagal, Swoosie Kurtz, John Carroll Lynch, Brooke Elliott, Kelli Goss, Talitha Bateman
Team: W/EP Dan O’Shannon, Robyn Butler, Wayne Hope; EP/D Todd Holland
Studio: CBS Television Studios, ABC Studios, Dark Toy Entertainment
Format: Single-camera Hybrid

Julie: The summary confused the hell out of me.  It sounds like a hot mess.
Erica:  I can’t even count how many times Beck has had to remind me what it means to be a Bogan. (laughs) 
Beck:  Ok…no…..just no. Americans cannot do Aussie humour. The US version of Kath and Kim was a travesty. Kath and Kim was amazing. They ruined it. So no….do NOT ruin Upper Middle Bogan.  Just don’t. Sorry, I get ranty about this….
Emma Claire: Oh my god, noooooo!!! Stop ruining Aussie comedies!  Upper Middle Bogan isn’t even that good to begin with but an American version is bound to be worse.
Erica:  (laughs) So say the Aussies in the room.
The Enforcers*
Logline: A female buddy comedy about two wildly different single mothers with dreams of being police officers who find themselves partnered as inspectors in the Code Enforcement Department. Instead of fighting crime, they have been relegated to handling petty code breaking, like noise complaints, tree trimming and water misuse.
Cast: Christine Woods, Niecy Nash, Ian Gomez, Ryan Hansen, Matt Oberg
Team: W/EP Sherry Bilsing-Graham, Ellen Kreamer (Friends); EP/D Gail Mancuso
Studio: Warner Bros. Television
Format: Single-camera

Emma Claire:  Too many cop shows exist.
Erica:  I was iffy on my interest here, but then I saw Ryan Hansen [from Veronica Mars].
Julie:  Ryan Hansen, I am so there.  And yes, way too many cop shows.
Erica:  My only thought, though, with Ryan is, “Crap. He’s in it so it’s doomed.”
Julie:  Ugh, why can’t all these shows just go straight to Netflix and make my life easier?  22]
So true, though. His show, Friends with Benefits, was amazing and was gone too soon.
Erica:  Wasn’t he in like 3 shows this season and not a single one of them lasted?
Julie:  I have no clue. I’m always a year behind.
Erica:  With this next one, I have to ask…what’s up with all the time travel?  Is it a fad that I wasn’t aware of or something?
Making History* (formerly In Time) — ORDERED TO SERIES
Logline: Centers on three unlikely friends find an even less likely way to travel through time, irreversibly complicating their personal lives in 2016, as the great moments of the past collide with today’s popular culture — with hilarious and quite disastrous results.
Cast: Adam Pally, Leighton Meester, Yassir Lester (writer on Carmichael Show, Girls)
Team: W/EP Julius “Goldie” Sharpe (The Grinder); EP Phil Lord, Chris Miller, Seth Cohen (Last Man on Earth)
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television
Format: Single-camera
Location: Atlanta

Julie:  Personally, I love time travel, and so does my mom.  I am glad to have more sci-fi/fantasy shows in the mainstream that are not paranormal in nature.
Erica:  See, the only thing in that description that makes me curious at all is Leighton Meester.
Julie:  There was an indie movie that kind of hit on this, and it was dark.
Erica:  Now THIS one sounds funny:
Logline: The comedy revolves around a hard-living, foul-mouthed woman who moves to affluent Greenwich, Conn., to raise the spoiled kids of her wealthy sister who has fled the country to avoid a federal indictment. She quickly learns what everyone else already knows: other people’s children are awful.
Cast: Kaitlin Olson (It’s Always Sunny), Sofia Black D’Elia, Thomas Barbusca, Carla Jimenez, Jack Stanton, Susan Park, Nat Faxon (guest star)
Team: W/EP John Chernin, Dave Chernin (It’s Always Sunny); EP Nick Frenkel, Oly Obst; D/EP Randall Einhorn
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television, 3 Arts
Format: Single-camera

Julie:  This sounds like something that already aired?  Or a mixture of them?  Like, Ringer meets Privileged?
Erica:  Maybe. I don’t know.
Julie:  It just sounds really familiar
Erica:  This one I have to comment on just because it sounds so freaking stupid that I can’t believe they’ve already ordered it to series:
Son of Zorn* (animated/live-action pilot presentation) — ORDERED TO SERIES
Logline: Centers on an animated Barbarian father who comes home for the first time in 10 years to his live-action son and ex-wife. He finds that reconnecting with his family, struggling through his mundane office job and dealing with the banality of suburban life is much harder than waging actual war in his distant, animated world.
Cast: Jason Sudeikis, Cheryl Hines, Tim Meadows, Artemis Pebdani, Johnny Pemberton
Team: W/EP Phil Lord, Chris Miller; EP Reed Agnew, Eli Jorne, Seth Cohen; co-EP/D Eric Appel
Format: Single-camera/animated
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television

Julie:  What the hell did I just read?  Cheryl Hines is in this? How?
Erica:  (laughs)   I just…I can’t even.  My only comment is What The F*ck?!  Ugh, then it looks like FOX has absolutely NO imagination when it comes to original dramas.  On their list are The Exorcist, Lethal Weapon, Prison Break…like, again, What the hell?
Julie:  I am really excited for Prison Break, but that was my show in high school.  I do agree that they aren’t really doing anything new or exciting.  You know what would be a better remake or continuation than Prison Break?  Veronica Mars.
Beck:  I wholeheartedly agree.
Erica:  Ditto.
Logline: A rookie FBI agent (Revolution’s Tracy Spiridakos) embeds herself in a suspected terrorist family.
Cast: Tracy Spiridakos, Nick Wechsler, Sarita Choudhury, Karan Oberoi, Alexander Siddig, Amanda Warren, Yasmin Kaur Barn, Leonidas Castrounis
Team: W/EP Caroline Dries; EP Kevin Williamson, Julie Plec; D Adam Davidson
Studio: Warner Bros. Television, Outerbanks Entertainment
Location: Toronto

Erica:  The ONLY reason I’m bringing this one up is…LOOK, it’s Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec working together again and ulie Plec has actually proven she can do something other than Vampires with Containment, soooo…I don’t know. This COULD be good?  But also…they’re on FOX!!!  Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson are on a network other than CW!
Julie:  I just think, ugh, another cop show.
Shots Fired* (straight to series)
Logline: Explores the aftermath of racially charged shootings in a small town in Tennessee. Sanaa Lathan stars an expert investigator who digs into the cases, alongside a special prosecutor (Stephan James) sent to the town by the Department of Justice. The pair must navigate the media attention, public debate and social unrest that comes with such volatile cases as they seek justice before the divided town erupts.
Cast: Sanaa Lathan, Helen Hunt, Richard Dreyfuss, Stephen Moyer, Stephan James, Tristan Wilds, Aisha Hinds, DeWanda Wise, Will Patton, Clare-Hope Ashitey, Jill Hennessy, Conor Leslie, Beau Knapp
Team: W/EP Gina Prince-Bythewood, Reggie Rock Bythewood; EP Brian Grazer, Francie Calfo; D Prince Bythewood
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television, Imagine TV, Undisputed Cinema
Location: Charlotte, N.C.

Erica:  This one is such a hot button topic. And it’s got big names to go with it. And it’s set in the city I used to live in.  I think I’m scared.  Not set in, filming in.
Emma Claire:  That sounds like it could be good.
Erica:   As long as it doesn’t become a social justice nightmare.
Emma Claire:  Yeah, of course. They have to do it right.
Julie: It could be really good, or really bad.  I hope it sheds light on what is going on and makes people think.
Erica:  I hope so, too. I’m surprised it’s filming in Charlotte.
Emma Claire:  NC is North Carolina right?
Erica:  Yep.  A bit ironic that they’re taking on a show based on racial profiling when the state is doing a damn good job of profiling based on sexuality right now.  
Erica:  Ok, WAIT. Kristen Bell is doing a new network series and it’s NOT a Veronica Mars reboot?! When someone is doing a Nancy Drew update???  Who the hell is in charge of this? I WANT ANSWERS!!!
The Good Place* (13-episode straight-to-series order)
Logline: Centers on a woman (Kristen Bell) wrestling with what it means to be good.
Cast: Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, William Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil, Manny Jacinto
Team: W/EP Mike Schur; EP David Miner; D Drew Goddard
Studio: Universal Television, Fremulon, 3 Arts
Format: Single-camera

Beck:  What the heck are they thinking???? Like really!
Julie:  I WANT ANSWERS, TOO.  This is not cool.
Erica:  Especially when we KNOW that Rob Thomas [creator and executive producer of Veronica Mars] made some huge deal with The CW to develop like 5 new shows in the next however many years. Why could a Veronica Mars reboot not be one of them???
Emma Claire: I still haven’t watched Veronica Mars. Can’t join in on the anger.
Erica:  Emma…oh man…you need to find it and watch. NOW.  Especially season one.
Julie:  Season One of Veronica Mars is one of the best seasons to ever be on TV.
Erica:  Absolutely.
Beck:  Yes. Watch….and then we want to hear your reactions and thoughts…..
Emma Claire:  Eeep!  Okay, I’ll give it a shot after I get through Suits!
Julie:  Rob Thomas needs to release something Veronica Mars related soon.
Erica:  I think he’s a bit caught up in iZombie at the moment, but I agree.
Logline: Set in the DC Comics universe full of superheroes, villains and people just like us, Powerless is described as an office comedy about the exceedingly average employees at an insurance company and their quest to find their own power. Based on characters from DC Comics.
Cast: Vanessa Hudgens, Alan Tudyk, Danny Pudi, Christina Kirk
Team: W/EP Ben Queen (A to Z) D/EP Michael Patrick Jann
Studio: Warner Bros. Television, DC Entertainment
Format: Single-camera
Location: Vancouver

Erica:  I like the concept for this one.
Julie:  Ugh, I am so over superheroes and comic books.
Erica:  But that’s kinda why I like the concept. Because it’s about those without powers in a world of super heroes.
Julie:  There is actually a book called The Rest of Us Just Live Here that is pretty much exactly like this, except it focuses on regular people in books like Twilight that just want to go to school and not die.  It sucked.  Not having much hope for this one.  I do love Vanessa Hudgens, though.
Grand Junction* (formerly Untitled Matt Hubbard)
Logline: Loosely based on Hubbard’s life, the comedy centers on a guy (Chris Smith) who learns to manage the expectations and strong cultural traditions of his in-laws after he moves his family to his wife’s (Elizabeth Ho) hometown.
Cast: Jack McBrayer, Chris Smith, Elizabeth Ho, Francois Chau, Susan Chuang, Concetta Tomei
Team: W/EP Matt Hubbard (30 Rock); EP/showrunner Mike Schur (Parks and Recreation); EP David Miner; D Claire Scanlon
Studio: Universal Television, 3 Arts
Format: Single-camera

Erica:  Hmmm…this one could be interesting.
Julie:  Could be.
Erica:  Ok, whoa wait. They are making a TV version sequel to Cruel Intentions that actually stars Sarah Michelle Gellar???
Julie:  How did I not know this?
Cruel Intentions*
Logline: Cruel Intentions picks up more than 15 years after the 1999 movie left off. The drama follows the beautiful and cunning Kathryn Merteuil (Sarah Michelle Gellar, reprising her role from the film) as she vies for control of Valmont International as well as the soul of Bash Casey (Taylor John Smith, American Crime), the son of her brother, who was the late Sebastian Valmont and Annette Hargrove (Kate Levering). Upon discovering his late father’s legacy in a hidden journal, Bash is introduced to a world of sex, money, power and corruption he never could have imagined.
Cast: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kate Levering, Taylor John Smith (American Crime), Peter Gallagher, Samantha Logan, Sophina Brown, Nathalie Kelley, Coby Bell, Bryce Cass
Team: W/EP Roger Kumble, Jordan Ross & Lindsey Rosin; D Roger Kumble; EP Neil Moritz, Pavun Shetty; EP/showrunner Becky Hartman Edwards (Switched at Birth)
Studio: Sony Pictures Television, Original Film
Location: Los Angeles

Julie:  Didn’t Sebastian die in the movie?
Erica:  Yes.
Julie:  So they are playing the ‘she got pregnant before he was tragically killed’ route on this one?
Erica:  It looks like it?
Julie:   But they recast Annette’s role. Very disappointed.
Erica:  I know. That one makes me sad.
Julie:  Kate Levering usually plays bitchy roles… don’t know how I feel about her playing Annette.
Erica:  Not sure. I just know that I love Reese Witherspoon.
Julie:  Me too.
Erica:  And she was fantastic in that role.
Julie:  So very true.
Beck:  How are you just hearing about this?
Erica:  Wait, you knew???
Julie: I knew there was a remake, but didn’t know Sarah was in it.
Beck:  Yes, I’ve known for awhile. And about Sarah Michelle Gellar. I’m really unsure about the show, but I loved loved loved the movie so I’ll give it a go.
Erica:  Hey, with Sarah Michelle Gellar in it, I’ll try it out for sure.
Beck:  It was all over her Instagram…
Erica:  I don’t do Instagram.
Julie: Me neither.
Logline: The high-octane drama follows an unlikely trio who travel through time to battle a master criminal intent on altering the fabric of human history with potentially catastrophic results.
Cast: Matt Lanter (90210), Abigail Spencer (Rectify), Goran Visnjic, Claudia Doumit, Patterson Joseph, Malcolm Barrett, Sakina Jaffrey
Team: W/EP Shawn Ryan, Eric Kripke; EP John Davis, John Fox, Marney Hochman; D Neil Marshall
Studio: Sony Pictures Television, Davis Entertainment
Location: Vancouver

Erica:  Ok, isn’t this exactly the same as DC’s Legends of Tomorrow basically?
Julie:  Isn’t there already a time travel show in the lineup?
Erica:  Several!  his is what I was saying!  This makes like #3 and that’s not even counting the one that’s already on the air. 
The CW
Erica:  Can I just say that I may be completely biased but The CW’s pilots are far fewer than the other networks but also look far more interesting as well?
Julie:  Maybe they are learning the art of British TV:  less shows, more quality.
Erica:  Maybe…And none of these really have a teen tone to them. Well, maybe one.
Logline: In this reimagining of the New Line Cinema film, a female police detective (The Flash’s Peyton List) in 2016 discovers she is able to speak via a ham radio with her estranged father (also a detective) who died in 1996. They forge a new relationship while working together on an unresolved murder case, but unintended consequences of the “butterfly effect” wreak havoc in the present day.
Cast: Peyton List (The Flash), Riley Smith (Nashville), Mekhi Phifer, Lenny Jacobson, Anthony Ruivivar, Devin Kelley, Daniel Bonjour
Team: W/EP Jeremy Carver (Supernatural); EP Toby Emmerich; John Rickard, Dan Lin, Jennifer Gwartz; D Brad Anderson
Studio: Warner Bros. Television, Lin Pictures
Location: Vancouver

Erica:  I like this as the premise for a TV series.
Julie:  I don’t know how I feel about this one.  Didn’t like the movie too much.
Erica:  No, but I could see The CW taking it and running with it. Remaking it in a much better way.
No Tomorrow*
Logline: When a risk-averse, straight arrow, female procurement manager (Tori Anderson) at an Amazon-like distribution center falls in love with a freewheeling man who lives life to the fullest because he believes the apocalypse is imminent, to comedic and poignant results they embark on a quest together to fulfill their individual bucket lists. Based on the Brazilian format.
Cast: Joshua Sasse (1st position to ABC’s Galavant), Tori Anderson (Open Heart), Amy Pietz, Sarayu Blue, Jesse Rath, JOnathan Langdon
Team: W/EP Corinne Brinkerhoff (American Gothic, Jane the Virgin), Scott McCabe, Tory Stanton; EP Ben Silverman; EP/D Brad Silberling
Studio: CBS Television Studios, Electus
Location: Los Angeles

Erica:  Now this one I’m really not sure of.
Julie:  A lot of these I feel like I have seen before.  This one is one of those.  Nothing has really stood out as new in all of these.
Logline: Set in present day and based on the iconic Archie Comics characters, Riverdale is a surprising and subversive take on Archie (KJ Apa), Betty (Lili Reinhart, Surviving Jack), Veronica (Camila Mendes), Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody), Josie (Ashleigh Murray) and their friends, exploring the surrealism of small town life — the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath Riverdale’s wholesome façade. Based on the characters from Archie Comics.
Cast: KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Ashleigh Murray, Cole Sprouse, Luke Perry, Madelaine Petsch, Camila Mendes, Madchen Amick, Marisol Nichols, Casey Cott
Team: W/EP Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Supergirl, Glee); EP Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Jon Goldwater; D Lee Toland Krieger
Studio: Warner Bros. Television, Berlanti Productions
Location: Vancouver

Erica:  What about this one? (laughs) 
Beck:  If you’re going to give me a Veronica, just give me Veronica Mars. I accept no Veronica substitutes.
Erica:  (laughs)  See, I’m looking at this and see Greg Berlanti’s name on it and think, “Everything that man touches is gold so it can’t possibly be as bad as I’m imagining.”
Julie:  Is everything getting dumbed down in preparation for Trump?
Erica: (laughs) Mayyyybe.  Ok, seriously, this next one is basically The 100 on Mars. Like What The F*ck?! Just give me The 100. I don’t need a Mars substitute.
Untitled Mars drama*
Logline: A team of explorers arrive on Mars to join the first human colony on the planet, only to discover that their predecessors have vanished. Led by a woman whose husband is among the missing, the colonists are forced to change their mission from exploration and settlement to investigation and survival, while navigating the hostile planet and their own personal demons.
Cast: Georgina Haig, Neal Bledsoe, Mouzam Makkar, Carl Beukes, Tongayi Chirisa, Peter Mark Kendall, America Olivo, Mark Leslie Ford, Charlayne Woodward
Team: W/EP Doris Egan (Reign); EP Frank Marshall, Robert Zotnowski; EP/D Bharat Nalluri
Studio: CBS Television Studios, Kennedy-Marshall Co.
Location: Albuquerque, N.M.

Julie:  If they have a character named Veronica, I’m going to cry.
Erica:  (laughs)
Julie:  So many people didn’t watch the show [Veronica Mars] because they thought she [Veronica] lived on Mars or was from Mars.  Don’t see how people will watch this one.
Erica:  And the last one:
Untitled Transylvania project*
Logline: In 1880, a headstrong young woman (Laura Brent) in search of her missing father ventures from NYC to Transylvania where she teams with a wrongfully disgraced Scotland Yard detective (Luke Allen-Gale). Together they witness the births of the most famous monsters and villains in history.
Cast: Laura Brent, Luke Allen-Gale (Dominion), Evan Stern, Jake Fairbrother, Tom Reed, Sofia Pernas Amrita Acharia
Team: W/EP Hugh Sterbakov; EP Jeff Pinkner, Andre Nemec, Josh Applebaum, Scott Rosenberg; EP/D Jason Ensler
Studio: CBS Television Studios, Midnight Radio
Location: Toronto

Julie:  Could be good, but could be really really bad.
Erica:  Yep. Exact same thought.
So, fans, what do you think?  Any differing opinions on the possible pickings for fall lineups?  Let us know in the comments below!

Tirade Tuesday: Celebrating The 100

My dash and my blog have been filled with this terrible vile ship war that’s been going on, and I’m tired of seeing people focus on the negatives on a show that has so many amazing points. I’m going to acknowledge up front that the show does have aspects that it needs to improve on and other people have explained that a lot better than I can especially considering I’m white and I can’t speak for the POC community. I would also like to point out that this show is created, acted and written by humans and people are naturally flawed and make mistakes, and we need to be given a chance to learn and fix those mistakes.

Now onto the greatness of this show…


Behind the scenes/the people that make the show:

  • The cast: The 100 cast clearly gets along, as shown by their interactions at the panels and interviews and photos. The actors also clearly understand their characters and there have been so many times when Bob in particular talks about Bellamy that my theories and headcanons are validated, and it’s amazing to see. The research that Lindsay has done on addressing Raven’s disability is incredible. The way they support causes – the support of the 100 charity project, Bob’s shirt for mental illness, Devon’s support of children and support of the trevor project, it’s inspiring to see people you respect and look up making a difference in the world.


  • The Music: The CW always has great music for all of their shows but the 100 knocks it out of the park. From the brilliance of the ending song of s2 finale “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” to “Remains” at the end of 3×08, the music elevates the show and the tone perfectly. Tree Adams has also written amazing pieces for the show including the “Grounder Anthem”  song which was hauntingly beautiful and reminded me so much of ancient Rome, where power was everything and death could come at any time. The fact that in episode 3×14 they ended the show with an acoustic cover of “Radioactive”, driving home for the viewer the horrors we have seen them all go through and just how many of them have died, truly allowing us to appreciate that the Delinquents arrival on the ground heralded a New Age that has only just begun. For many shows, the songs they play hold meaning but often weeks, months later, that meaning has been lost after you’ve listened to it a hundred times, but for the 100, I cannot listen to any of the songs played without thinking of the show.


  • The Writing Team: Yes they’ve done some crappy stuff and Yes, some of them need to stop interfering with the fandom and go on Twitter less, but they love the show. I love that JR livetweets with us, because he also gives us questions and new tidbits of information about filming. The writers are also listening to us: we asked for more Monty and Miller and Harper and they’ve given that to us, we said that one LGBT character wasn’t enough and they gave us Miller and Bryan and Niylah and Clarke and Lexa, we complained about the actor who played Wick and he wasn’t there in season 3. They could just ignore our requests and say “oh fans don’t know the show the way the writers do” but they are listening to us and that’s important to remember. The writers are trying to increase the diversity and that makes it easier to criticize because it exists in show. The writers have also made so many literary allusions with last season being a combination of the Iliad and Dante’s Inferno while this season alludes to the Matrix, the Biblical Exodus Story and the Odyssey.

The show itself:

  • The unpredictability of the show, it constantly keeps the viewers guessing. It goes to places that I don’t expect it to go and just when you think it’s going to get lighter, it shifts and reveals something truly dark. That’s why the MW storyline was so good was because just when you thought it couldn’t get any darker it did. Many of us thought that they’d save Finn, that Tondc wouldn’t be destroyed but the show doesn’t give us any easy way out.


  • Raven Reyes:  Raven is a badass, she is one of the most badass characters on television and she always has been from the moment she used a century old ship that she fixed up herself to get to Earth because Finn is all she has to fighting against Allie. Her disability does not impact her ability to fight, to create and to love. She truly is the modern day Hephaestus. Natalie talked about how amazing Raven’s storyline is from the perspective of a person with chronic pain here, and it’s an awesome post which everyone should read. As someone with a disability, I have never seen someone on TV break and struggle and fall and get back up the way Raven does and it’s incredible to see. It makes me cry to see how much Raven struggles and how much she tries because that is my everyday reality. Raven Reyes will forever be the character I look to when I feel like giving up because she inspires me in so many ways. Raven also loves fiercely and reckless, I mean this a girl who went way beyond for her boyfriend/only family and crash landed on earth. She also didn’t hold Clarke’s actions against her and the friendship between them is one of my favorite things.


  • Abby Griffin: I got be honest, I watch this show with my mom and one of the most amazing things has come out of watching the show is that my relationship with my mom has improved. In many TV shows the parents are either nonexistent, just parents or have superficial characterization. With Abby Griffin, The 100 gives us a mother who will do anything for a daughter, a woman whose entire job is about healing but is in situations where healing is so hard. Abby Griffin sacrifices unlike any character on TV, but she also incredibly selfish  with and protective of those she loves. Abby will do anything for her daughter, but she’s also shown to be willing to do something that could hurt her when it will save humanity. She’s a doctor, a healer and a leader, but most importantly, she’s a mother. I love her relationship with Raven and the constant checkups that appear throughout the seasons. Abby Griffin is not just a mother and that’s an important decision the writers made.


  • The Blake Siblings: Bellamy and Octavia have one of the most complicated honest siblings dynamics on TV. They are the only siblings on the show and that forces the characters around them to acknowledge. The two fight and they fall, but at the end of the day there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for each and as Bellamy says in 3×03 “You’ll always fit with me”. Bellamy basically raised Octavia and the past seasons have been about Bellamy letting Octavia have freedom, and Octavia learning that Bellamy isn’t perfect. Octavia and Bellamy have been arguing since they got to the ground and they find themselves now on moral opposites in terms of the grounders. I’m a twin, I fight with my brother all the damn time and do we agree on everything, fuck no we don’t. Granted The 100 is currently in a civil war so there is that. The Blakes will do anything for each other, but their interactions are often antagonistic, they know exactly how to hurt each and that’s true of all siblings. At the end of the day, what both of them want most is the other’s happiness.


  • The Moral Questions: The 100 forces us to question the world around us like no other show on television does. This is a world where Racism, Sexism and Homophobia do not exist, we get Lexa, a lesbian as the commander, Jaha as a Moses-like figure, Kane and Abby and Bellamy and Clarke as equal partners in leadership. But the show addresses Xenophobia, social change and how not to achieve it; it asks its’ viewers repeatedly what makes a good person? Are you even allowed to consider yourself one after what you do in the name of your people? What will you do to survive? In the first episode, Kane and Abby have an exchange that I believe is the theme of show where Kane says “I’ll will do what it takes to make sure our people survive” and Abby’s response is “And I’ll make sure we deserve to” which is such an important distinction. The Mount Weather storyline also asks these same questions with Dante and Cage while giving us Maya and those who lead the rebellion to help the Delinquents as an example of innocents that were killed in the name of survival. This show has also killed or broke the moral compasses of the show so the moral questions of the show are now left to the discussion of the fans, which is why the meta the fans create is so interesting and so in tune with the social issues of this time period. The show is filled with death and anger and pain, but it also has the themes of hope and love and forgiveness running through it. The way I believe they will defeat the CoL is through Love as love is clearly the glitch in the system. The show forces us to address and acknowledge the imperfections of the world around us in our time period and forces us to discuss those.

And there are so many more ways the show is amazing!!!