Throwback Thursday: Cristela

This isn’t much of a throwback  due to Cristela running from 2014-2015, but it’s a show that got little attention during it’s one season run and deserves way more than it got.

Cristela is a show that Tumblr has been waiting for: there are only 3 Caucasian main characters, and the rest of the main cast are Latina (this show made Cristela Alonzo the first Latina to create, produce, write, and star in her own primetime comedy). The show confronts racism, generational differences, SES, and feminism throughout the season.

The show follows Cristela, a law school graduate who just got a job working as an *unpaid* intern, and her quirky family (whom she lives with). Her mother is old school and just wants her to settle down and get married, her sister just wants her to get a paying job, and her brother-in-law just wants her out of his house. Her pursuit of a white collar job puts her at odds with her blue collar family, especially her mother who immigrated to the US before Cristela was born and often reverts back to “village mode”.

At work she has to put up with her boss making unintentional racist comments, her boss’s spoiled daughter who somehow also lands an internship and manages to do no real work (surprised?), and Josh, the other intern and main love interest. Her working class outlook on life gives her an outsiders POV on how business is handled, much to the confusion of her coworkers, and her comedic personality brings life to the ‘old boys club’.

Cristela straddles her families traditional Mexican-American heritage and finding her way to the American Dream with plenty of laughs and teaching moments on just what racism looks like in today’s society.

Where to watch: Netflix and Amazon (Watch the trailer)

Where to find the fandom: Fanfiction, Tumblr

*Andrew Leeds plays Josh, and for any Bones fans out there, it is very disconcerting to see him play a character we are supposed to root for and fall in love with (but he pulls it off). For non-Bones fans, Andrew Leeds played Christopher Pelant, the Season 7/8 creepy stalker serial killer who still gives fans nightmares.

*For any stand up comedy fans, Gabriel Iglesias has a recurring role as Alberto, Cristela’s brother-in-law’s cousin who happens to be in love with Cristela.