Throwback Thursday: Traffic Light

Traffic Light ran from February 2001 to May 2011, and was adapted from an Israeli TV show called Ramzor. The show revolves around 3 best friends from college (Mike, Adam, and Ethan) who are currently in their 30s. Each best friend is at a different stage in their life: Ethan is single with a dog, Adam just moved in with his girlfriend, and Mike is married with one child. Each episode shows the best friends trying to figure out the demands of their relationships, as well as finding the perfect balance between home, work, and friendship.

The show separates itself from all the other RomCom shows out there by allowing the women to actually be people. Their story lines were just as important as the mens, they didn’t revolve around being annoyed that their significant other wouldn’t do anything they asked them to do, and they were allowed to be funny. Not funny in the “I am such a nag and I constantly do everything around the house” way, but funny in the actual sense of the word funny. They had witty one liners and they freaked out more then the men about commitment. They were genuine characters in the show. It is this level of writing and representation that needs to be seen more in Hollywood.

The show has a very similar set up to Rules of Engagement, so that is most likely why the show only has 13 episodes. Others believe that it was due to the very confusing title. No matter the reason, it is still an unfortunate loss that this show never got a Season 2.

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon (Watch the trailer)

Where to find the fandom: Sadly there is no fandom