Movie Madness: Coming Soon!

Anyone excited for Suicide Squad…?
So excited.
Two words: Harley. Quinn.
Two words: Moral. Ambiguity. 
Abby: So excited for Harley Quinn. It’s insane. 
Erica: Saaaame.
Abby: I’m also very very very much looking forward to Civil War.
Erica: I haven’t decided on that one. I’m not big on Captain America.
Abby: Steve Rogers is one of my favorite superheroes ever.
Erica: Tony Stark here. Well, that was before Deadpool. And Barry Allen.
Abby: Cool.
Erica: And Super Girl. (laughs) I like my small screen heroes way more than my big screen ones.
Abby: Honestly, other than Captain America, Falcon, and Black Widow, I completely agree.
Readers and Fans, are you looking forward to Suicide Squad as much as we are? Who are your favorite super heroes? And…do you prefer your super heroes on the small screen or the big screen? 
Let us know in the comments below!