Tv Talk: GMW 3×05 – Girl Meets Triangle

So far, episodes 3-5 have been far better then the first two episodes of this season. We have had really good lessons taught, witty dialogue said, and clearer pictures as to what is going on with Maya and why there was even a triangle to begin with. However, this episode has one major flaw that I am surprised Disney allowed.

Katy Hart.

Now, I love Katy Hart. I think she is an amazing single mother who is trying to give her daughter the world. I think Katy and Shawn should be together. Katy needs to be in more episodes. Seriously, I love Katy.

The Katy that this episode depicted disappointed me. Disgusted me actually, to be more honest.

Katy was portrayed as aloof; as not involved in her daughter’s life. She stated that she shouldn’t even be at the Matthew’s house because it involved her daughter. Even when she was playing a ‘strong parent’ she insinuated that Maya should stay with the Matthew’s and not with her. She told her daughter “You have the best! See you in a month. Don’t forget to eat”.

And all of this was done to a laugh track. As if a neglectful parent is something to laugh at. As though it’s not a serious matter that Katy just insinuated that she doesn’t see her own daughter for a month at a time. We know for a fact that Maya does not live at the Matthew’s, so who is paying attention to Maya at home? Who is making sure that she is taken care of? That she has food, electricity, and adequate shelter? Where exactly is Katy in all of this?

This is not the Katy that we have learned about in previous episodes. This is not a good representation of single parents. This is not a good representation of what is funny.

My heart goes out to all the kids whose parents are neglectful, all the kids in DHS custody and foster care, and the kids whose parents have given custody away. They watched this episode, and they heard people laugh at the situation. A situation that they know all too well is not a laughing matter.

Disney, you have disappointed me. You know better. You can do better.