TV Talk: Dramaworld

Dramaworld is a 10 episode online dramady that premiered in April. It is set in both LA and Seoul, South Korea and follows American college student Claire Duncan. Claire spends almost all of her free time watching Korean drama (K-drama), much to her father’s chagrin. When her cracked phone meets a puddle of water while she is watching the latest episode, she suddenly gets transported to Dramaworld.

Dramaworld is where all of the K-drama’s are filmed and is a self-contained world (much look Tune Town in Space Jam). The characters do not know that they are characters, and their memories get wiped as soon as the k-drama is ‘finished’ and the next one begins. As far as they know, they are living normal lives and are none the wiser that they are being filmed and that it is airing in the ‘real world’. Claire discovers that there are ‘facilitators’ in Dramaworld who are regular people like her that help the storyline move along and makes sure the main characters fall in love.

While Claire thinks that the show she fell into (Taste of Love) is a RomCom, she soon discovers that not all is right in Dramaworld and that the show has turned into a mystery. She even finds herself breaking one of the cardinal rules: Don’t fall in love with the leading man. Can Claire fix Dramaworld before the end of the season airs? If she doesn’t, Dramaworld will be over forever.

While the show centers on the world of K-drama, viewers do not have to know anything about them in order to enjoy the show. All it takes to enjoy this show is to be a fan of any show, because any fan can connect with the emotions surrounding your ship not getting together or how it would be to suddenly land within your favorite show.

Where to watch: Netflix and Viki (Watch the trailer)