TV Talk: GMW 3×02 Girl Meets High School Part 2

If you haven’t seen Girl Meets World 3×02 on the Watch Disney App/website yet, do not continue reading.

The second part does a lot better job of allowing us to see what the gang will be like in high school, as well as answering questions left open from Part 1.

We finally got to find out why the Seniors were doing what they were doing: They once were a group of 6 that got split up because one half wanted to jump right in and the other wanted to take their time. The 3 that wanted to jump right in realized that they had made a mistake and never apologized to their other friends. They wanted to make sure that those that came after them learned from their mistakes and history wouldn’t repeat itself.

Personally, I thought that their reasoning behind it all was a good one, especially the bit about how the gang’s safe place was each other and that they would only survive high school if they stuck together. I did not like the furthering of the love triangle. Not only do we have the Lucas/Maya/Riley triangle, we now have the triangle between the Seniors. If the fact that the Seniors triangle has not been figured out in 4 years is a clue to when the original triangle is going to be resolved, I will scream. Then again, the writers on twitter have said that the triangle gets resolved this season, so hopefully they are not trolling us.

My favorite part of the episode is when Lucas owned up to his actions and realized that he had abandoned his friends. Not only did Lucas own up to it, but so did Farkle. It’s always nice to see the characters learn the lesson on their own without Corey’s or Riley’s influence. This moment was great character development for both Lucas and Farkle, and I hope we see more of it throughout the season.

We also got to see the dark side of Riley: She hopes that Lucas has a really bad day. While most would think that that wish is not really dark, for Riley it is and it shows how she has grown as well. In Season 1 she never would have said something like that, but I think Girl Meets Rileytown allowed her to realize that she can show when she is hurt or upset and that she doesn’t always have to be happy.

Next up is Girl Meets Jexica: Riley makes a pretend profile online in order to become more popular. Part of me thinks this will be a continuation of Girl Meets Rileytown, and I am so ready for it. This show seems to be at its best when it tackles hot topics, and I expect Jexica will be one of the highlights of Season 3.

TV Talk: GMW 3×01 – Girl Meets High School Part 1

If you haven’t seen Girl Meets World 3×01 on the Watch Disney App/website yet, do not continue reading.

I love Girl Meets World, and I am constantly having in depth discussions about it with my 9 year old client (we’ve even used Girl Meets New Year as a focus during one session to talk about my client facing her own fears). It pains me to say that I was not too impressed with this episode. A lot of the jokes/acting reminded me of Season 1, and not in a good way.

For instance, I like realistic comedy. Farkle ending up on top of a light fixture and then falling without getting hurt is not realistic. It is 100% over the top Disney humor that has many parents gauging their eyes out. Season 1 had a lot of unrealistic humor, while Season 2 went more realistic. In my opinion, Season 2 was the better season. I had high hopes that Season 3 would continue the Season 2 awesomeness.

The love triangle, where do I even begin. On twitter, the writers have said numerous times that it’s not a love triangle, but this episode stated it several times. Smackle even directly said “I wanna be in the triangle!”. The way the triangle was handled/talked about in this episode was just painful. It was very immature and the only saving grace to how many times it was brought up was Zay. Zay has consistently been the best addition to the show, and his well timed outsider looking in humor is spot on.

Lucas and Riley fought like an old married couple throughout the whole episode, but Lucas and Maya barely interacted. When they did, it felt stilted/forced/off, like Lucas was only talking to her because he knew that he was supposed to in order to make it ‘even’ between Riley and Maya.

I am also not a fan of the Seniors making Freshman lives miserable trope. It does not happen in real life. Maybe in smaller high schools where the entire class size is 10 people, but the size of High School normally portrayed on television realistically does not have these kinds of issues. In a school of 2,000 people, there is way too much going on for Seniors to actually care about Freshman.

I was really confused as to why the Seniors were doing what they were doing, as well as their comment that Topanga’s was their place. Do they realize that Topanga is Riley’s mother? Why exactly did neither Riley nor Maya say that? Cory’s question still has not been answered; why are the Seniors singling them out specifically?

Highlights of the episode are Cory/Topanga talking about doubts and Maya/Ava talking about parents divorcing. The first was just way too adorable for words. Cory being clueless that Topanga ever had doubts, and Topanga trying to downplay it but her inability to lie wins out. The truly heart wrenching scene came when Maya comforts Ava about her dad leaving and how it’s not her fault, as well as telling her how to handle it all.

That scene is what makes Girl Meets World worth watching. We can have the kitschy humor, but at the end of it we have very real life lessons being shown.

I hope that Part 2 fills in the missing pieces as well as showing the direction Season 3 will be going in. The writers have stated that it’s their best season yet, but we shall see.